Are the weddings allowed on the new york beaches ?

My daughter is insisting that she wants to get married at the New York beaches at any cost. I tried to make her understand that the weather of new york might cost the wedding but she is adamant about it. But I wonder whether the weddings are even allowed on the beaches of New York? I will be looking forward to your responses.

  • Pinaki Bhattacharjee

    Wedding is the most awaited and the blessed moment in everyone’s life. If your daughter’s dream is to have her wedding in the beach , you should go about it.You can fulfill the wedding dream of your daughter.A beach of New York can be the venue of your daughter’s wedding.Beach wedding is legal in New York but you have to follow some legal procedure to obtain the permission of wedding in a particular beach of New York area.24 hours before wedding,the bride and bridegroom must initiate an application before the city clerk to obtain a license of marriage on a particular beach they most prefer.Marriage license generally issued by clerks of each New York state and independent city.It can be issued by anywhere in the state besides New York city.The bride and bridegroom must appear personally before the person issuing license with their own picture identification document such as passport,driving license etc.Those who have no such document can produce a certified copy of birth certificate,school record,immigration record or court record.Previously married person may need to produce the certificate of dissolution of marriage.License fee is required which will be about $ 35 in New York and $ 40 to $ 50 in other places of the state.The period of license will be valid for 60 days from the date of issue.Blood test is not required for this purpose.Issued license can be cancelled by a judge on legal grounds.Mayors of a city,marriage officer, and most judges can officiate at marriage.Some local municipalities may ask to obtain some special permission because some conditions may vary from place to place and beach to beach.The issued license must be sent to the town or city clerk within 5 days from the date of marriage to get legal recognition of marriage.