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All you wanted to know about Saminyak beach

October 22, 2011

Saminyak is located a few miles north of Kuta. Saminyak is the hippest part of Southern Bali. The best bars, restaurants and clubs in Bali find their home in Saminyak. Every week new places like restaurants bars etc. are opened in Saminyak. Saminyak is said to be the suborn of Kuta, that is why it is recognized as trendy neighbour of Kuta. In Saminyak the accommodation costs very high.

Saminyak beach remains quiet during the day and normal beach activities like swimming, sunbathing, surfing etc. can be done here during day time. There are two interesting things to see on the beach of Saminyak

1. Sunset

2. High end beach front establishments.

What to see at Saminayak beach?

After Ubud which is regarded as the first place for art lovers, Saminyak is regarded as the second preferred destination for those who are interested in art. Innumerable art galleries which are found in Saminyak are worthy to be visited. In these art galleries, there is a fine collection of paintings, photography and drawing a showcasing of both contemporary and classic. One such art gallery is Biasa Art Space. The name of this gallery seems ordinary but in reality it cant be defined. The main purpose of this art gallery is to boost the young and talented artists.

Where to stay in Saminyak?

There are a number of hotels in Saminyak which provide best facilities. While some hotels are good in respect of their location, others are well known for providing excellent facilities, some other hotels provide some other facilities. In short, all the above facilities can’t be found in one and the same package. However, there are some hotels where the visitor will find all round satisfaction. These are:

1. Alila Manggis hotel: This is a beautiful sea side resort in Manggis, East Bali. The resort is located in between sea and the majestic mount Agung.

2. Ayana Resort and Spa: This resort is set on 77 hectares above Jimbaran Bay. It is just 10 kms away from Bali airport. It is the most spacious and luxurious hotel.

There are many other worthwhile hotels also like – the Residence Saminyak, Bali Island Villas and Spa Saminyak, Bhavana Private Villas etc.

What to eat in Saminyak?
Here is endless choice for food in Saminyak especially on the Jalan Laksmana and Jalan Raya Saminyak. There is variety of food depending upon budget of the visitor. If one want to eat tasty food he/she has to incur more and more money. But don’t worry, there is something for everyone.

1. Gado-Gado: This is the best place to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner. The well known dishes of this eatery are seared wagyu rump steak, Gado-Gado signatured chocolate melted cake, thyme jus etc.

2. Khaima Moroccan Restaurant: The well known dishes of this restaurant are tuna machoui or lamb, fresh couscous, slow cooked spices stew etc.

3. Ku De Ta: This is the most well known and renowned restaurant in Bali. This restaurant is for VIP’s especially. This restaurant offers Asian and Australian cuisine on the menu.

What to do in Saminyak beach?
There are number of things to do in Saminyak besides swimming and sunbathing. These are:

1. Family Club: If you get bored on beach then visit Canggu area, it lies in between Saminyak and Tanah, having a family club spread over 3.5 hectares of land. This club provides all facilities like dining, hanging out, sports and leisure to each member of the family.

2. Horse Riding: If you don’t find family club interesting then there is another way to enjoy awesome scenery of Saminyak and that is through horse riding. There will be a professional guide to assist you all the way long. You can also go for surfing in the Saminyak beach or you can try spa right there because the Bali has been regarded as the best spa destination in Asia over the past few years.

Nightlife in Saminyak
Though there are not as much nightlife spots in Saminyak as they are in Kuta but the nightlife spots in Saminyak offers elegant interiors along with poolside bars facility, day bed, live performances and much more. The few of these nightlife spots are:

1. Galaxy Bar and Nightclub at Galaxy Hotel: It takes 10 minutes from Saminyak main road to reach this bar. Here you will find friendly atmosphere all around. This is the best place for sport and music lovers.

2. Hypnotique Cocktail Bar and Lounge: This is amongst the new bars in Saminyak. This bar is well known for its music and remixes.

However, there are many other bars such as Obsession World Music Bar, Q Bar, and Kudos Lounge and Bar etc.

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