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Best Virginia Beach hotels you’d love to stay in

August 27, 2011

Virginia’s Best Beach Resorts

A breathtaking view of ocean waves overlapping on one another, endless blue water like a sheet made up of sparkling gems dancing against the sunlight, and the heavenly abode horizon where two worlds seem to tie the knot in a blissful matrimonial association – this is what a perfect Virginia beach hotel has to offer. Following are the best Virginia Beach hotels you’d love to stay in:

1. Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront

If you are looking for a hotel that promises a startling view of the mid-Atlantic coast, and the inviting essence that you can take in every morning watching the sun rise over the horizon, look no further than Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront. With its spectacular 21 floors that offer the best in hospitality and services, one of the premier Virginia Beach hotels, Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront has a lot more than what meets the eye.

Hilton encompasses award winning restaurants that open their doors to a grand line of food and drinks. Catch 31 caters Oceanfront’s largest raw bar, with a melting aroma of delicious seafood selections. Sky Bar promises a luxurious evening with its seasonal roof top bar along with a priceless sense of being near to the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean.

Looking forward to quenching your shopping thirst? Shoppes at 31 Ocean guarantees a fabulous line of boutiques for all shopaholics, flavoring a variety of accessories and clothing to meet your shopping desires.

There are 290 state-of-the-art rooms at the Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront, each one boasting its exquisiteness to an immeasurable level. The rooms, from the inside, are filled with vivaciousness, liveliness, and color. Palettes of blues and greens have been used to make their guests feel compatible with the seascapes outside, and cherry furnishings give an aroma of an inviting coziness and warmth.

City View rooms offer sights to romantic sunsets west toward downtown Norfolk; Ocean View rooms open their windows to the enchanting Virginia’s Eastern Shore, or east to the Atlantic Ocean.

2. Ocean Beach Club

Ocean Beach Club comes next in line to the awesomeness of Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront. It is a perfect getaway to a luxurious grandeur of private balconies overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, contemporary tropical décor that has been perfectly tailored to provide vibrancy and subtlety under the same roof, and top class amenities and facilities including indoor and outdoor pools, state-of-the-art fitness center and remarkable dine ins.

RockFish Bar and Grill features a variety of culinary specialties in its seafood platter. Be it a quick bite on your way to the pool or a ticket to the hungry feast, RockFish is the best place to dine while on the oceanfront patio. Sunday brunches highlight a special Bloody Mary bar!

Want to see how chefs take the rawness of the sea and make it into a mouthwatering culinary experience of flavor and color? Catch 31, with its open display kitchen, provides a flaunting view of chefs doing what they do best. Guests can opt from either of the indoor dine ins, or an outdoor patio with fire pits and a catered bar.

Pi-zzeria takes you back to the good old grandmother days where pizzas were home-baked in the classic rotating brick-stone oven style. It caters an environment of friendliness and hosts a full service bar brewing fresh sangria.

3. Ramanda on the Beach

Ramanda Oceanfront Resort is a center stage to all your summer activities. Be it enjoying a spectacular view of the ocean breeze flying straight off the coast, engaging your taste buds with the intimate flavors of seafood at award winning restaurants, or relaxing on the beach with an interrupted period of sunbathing sitting on a comfortable beach chair – Ramanda offers it all! Whether you are on a family vacation or a business trip, the beaches and the coast will surely draw you in for an experience of a lifetime.

Mahi Mah’s, a home some of the finest delicacies, serves its guests anything from a lazy lunch to fine dining. Mahi Mah’s offers a different choice every day in its sea food.

The Annual Atlantic Coast Kite Festival, Old Beach Farmers Market and PANorama Caribbean Music Festival/Workshop are some of the annual events hosted by Ramanda to ensure an entertaining and engaging time for its guests.

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