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Virginia Beach: Elderly couples’ retreat

December 21, 2011

Virginia Beach is known for its bustle ocean, sandy wide beaches and a long boardwalk. This beach at the coastal city of Atlanta is also popularly known to be an yearly place of travel.

Nothing will surprise you more than the cultural events, golf play, historical monuments and museums at Virginia Beach. No wonder the guests and visitors flock to this place from all around the world as it is considered one of the best affordable places, more especially during the off season.

Virginia Beach

How to reach Virginia Beach:

There is a bus transport service to Virginia Beach which is around a few miles of distance from Norfolk or Williamsburg International Airport.

Your comfortable place of stay

The charges of different accommodation vary as per the busy season time or off season. Many hotels located nearer to the town and airport areas are offered at a slightly higher rate especially during the summer time than during the off season.

Among a few are the Econo Lodging providing a good value even during off season winter months. However, for elderly couples, you may need to face the challenge of climbing stairs as there are no elevators. In that case you can easily accommodate yourself at rental condominiums, cottages or either a sandbridge location to have a cool, calm and bustle-free accommodation.

Getting around Virginia Beach

Virginian Beach City is considered as a large and huge crowded place during summer, more especially near the Oceanic fronts. There is a famous Hampton roadway that offers a bus service to the beach and other neighboring cities like Portsmouth, Chesapeake and Norfolk or either a connecting service that links the Norfolk’s light railway system.

Attractions for senior couples and friends

You can enjoy a nature hike at False Cape, Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge or First Landing Park. You can get gleaming view of Henry Lighthouses that were built in the year 1792. You can also take a tour to Jamestown Colonists’ or Military Aviation Museum that is preciously enjoyed by the Elderly Military buffs or lovers.

The Marine Science Center or Virginia Aquarium gives a wonderful experience of getting knowledge of sharks, seals, rays, the energetic otters of North American rivers. A dolphin show at the aquarium is worth watching from April to October every year.

You can also watch a lovely dolphin swim show across the ocean while enjoying your boating trip. Many bird and whale watchers will enjoy a winter boat trip to see wildlife from the month of December to March.

Events and festivals:

There are annual events and several festivals all through the season like an art show in Mid June, Festival of Annual Neptune in late September or a McDonald’s Lights in late November. The elderly would love to be the part of every event and enjoy some of the most memorizing moments at these events and festivals.

Food spots to savor your taste:

There are many seafood hotels located within the surroundings of Oceanfront area. Side Street Cantina serves a Mexican food with lunch choices at a rate of less than $10 and dinner ranging from $11 to $22.

You can enjoy salads and sandwiches at Taste Unlimited, which is widespread at 6 locations of the ocean front. Baker’s Crust offers burgers, crepes, pizzas and sandwiches. There are plenty of Chinese cuisines in the Town Center and Mediterranean cuisine at Azar’s Natural Foods, a local food institution.

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