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Top 5 nude beaches in the World

November 8, 2011

A Nude Beach

Nude beaches or the topless beaches first started in France. For this only the country deserves a big thank you! But you must have often wondered what are the best beaches in the world “where I can go nude?” Before you jump into any conclusions, let me tell you that the competition in this field is pretty stiff.

However, we have managed to accumulate enough data to present to the top 5 nude beaches in the world. This is a weird ranking but very helpful nonetheless.

1. Haulover Beach Park, Miami Beach, Florida

Haulover Beach Park

The beach attracts more than one million visitors every year. Need we say anything more? Strangely, the beach has been recommended for its ‘family – friendly’ atmosphere and the large clothing optional area. There are many recreational facilities in the southern end of the park. The clothing-optional area has several lifeguards, food kiosks and centers for umbrella rentals.

2. Wreck Beach, Vancouver

Wreck Beach

This is Canada’s first and largest clothing-optional beach where nudity rules the day. There are five miles of sandy beaches which is home to many birds like herons and eagles. There are other wildlife too. So the naturists and the naturalists will both enjoy Wreck Beach.

3. Paradise Beach, Mykonos

Paradise Beach

TripAdvisor has rated this Greek beach very highly and once you reach there you will know why. The surrounding scenery is excellent and the beach is the scene for day long celebrations and dancing. In a nutshell, it is a fun beach and you will never feel bored for a minute.

4. Orient Beach, St Maarten

Orient Beach

Soft sand and coral reefs are the hallmark of this tropical beach in the Caribbean. The water is calm which is ideal for snorkeling. The sea urchins can spoil your fun but it is not a big problem.

5. Black’s Beach, San Diego

Black's Beach

The beach is a delight for the sunbathers. Surfing is allowed here but for the semi-dangerous waves, only the brave ones will make an attempt in surfing. Many drop their attire here but this is the norm here. You can visit this place just for view alone.

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