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Tips for budget travel to Dominica

December 26, 2011

The official name of Dominica, a beautiful small island, is the Commonwealth of Dominica. Located in Caribbean Sea, this 750 square kilometers big island is known for its stunning natural beauty. Every year hundreds of tourists from across the globe arrive here to spend their vacations. This island is a perfect place for budget travelers because it has several budget hotels offering good services at reasonable prices. Read on to know about some tips for budget travel to this island.

Eastern Caribbean on a Budget

1. Hire a guide

Dominica is not as developed as some other islands in Caribbean. This beautiful island lacks good roads and highways. The largest airport is located around 28 miles away from Roseau, the capital of Dominica, but it will take you around 90 minutes to cover this distance because of the bad roads. The intersections and hiking trails are not marked properly making it tough for tourists to move on the correct path easily. It is better to hire the services of a local guide in order to avoid any trouble. You can hire well trained guides from the offices of Discover Dominica, located near the port in Roseau.

2. Go for hiking in rainforest

The guide will help you reach the rainforest easily and once you reach there, you have a wonderful opportunity to indulge yourself in hiking in a forest which is nearly untouched. The rainforest boasts of several species of plants, animals and birds. The natural beauty of Dominica is second to none with lush green forests, high waterfalls, and neat and clean beaches. You can also indulge in tubing excursion. Some good companies also offer cruise services at this island. You can book your trip directly with these companies either online or after arriving in Dominica. The charges are very reasonable.

3. Budget accommodations

Dominica does not boast of several five star hotels, in fact you will find it little tough to locate high end hotels in this island. It however, has several budget hotels. The most popular hotel in Dominica is Garraway. Located near the port in Roseau, this hotel offers well decorated, spacious rooms at $100 USD/night. The northwestern part of this island has a very good budget hotel named Picard Beach Cottages. Here you can get a room on rent for as low as at $80 USD/night in the off season. Explore a little and you will find some more budget hotels in Dominica.

4. Shop for crafts made by local artists

Dominica does not offer variety of shopping options which is pretty common in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands but you can satisfy your urge for shopping by buying arts and crafts made by the local inhabitants. The items which are sold are authentic and are not much expensive. You can also watch artists working on their pieces in shopping places. So, if you are a connoisseur of authentic items made by local artists, Dominica is a place for you to go shopping.

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