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All you need to know about Sanur beach, Bali

January 2, 2012

Sanur beach is the most attractive and popular beach of Bali. Sanur is also considered as the most traditional village of Bali. The waves are gentle here as the village is protected by a large coral reef. You can explore the reef by snorkeling. The materials required are available with the beach vendors. Snorkeling benefits you in discovering a great aquatic life among the corals. Excellent restaurants and amazing spots make Bali a reputed tourist destination. As a spectator you will enjoy the Balinese culture that includes theatre activities. Bali’s first beach resort retains its architecture, while others have undergone some developments.

Sanur beach

1. The destination


As you travel 6km from the city of Danpasar, an island of Bali, you land in the Sanur village. It takes 10 minutes drive from Danpasar to reach the Sanur beach. Sanur beach has been an excellent spot for family recreation. Most of the tourists enjoy sunbathing in the scorching sun on the beach. You will be delighted to watch the sunrise on this beach. The beautiful white sand attracts a large number of tourists. Bali is believed to be an island of Gods. The light and shade of big trees create a relaxing atmosphere for the tourists.

2. Scenic beauty

Scenic beauty

The finest silvery white sands of the beach and the rare volcanic sand beaches offer a unique experience for the tourists.The Sanur beach supports a number of water sport activities. People of all ages enjoy swimming as the beach water is perfectly clean and cool. Snorkeling is the most desired activity to explore the underwater life. You will be excited to discover the plants, corals and fish beneath the waves. You need to pay a visit to Le Mayeur Museum, and admire the gorgeous paintings. The master pieces of sculpture and painting exhibited in an open air at Santrian Gallery fills you with excitement. You should not forget to visit the Seiki Torgie pottery Gallery. It is a great contentment to watch the wonderful scenery of the rising sun at sun rise on Sanur beach. It is a fantastic experience to watch the Balinese theatre performance. You can enjoy dining in the luxurious restaurants. The blended traditional and contemporary cultures make Sanur a tourist paradise.

3. Ecosystem

The moderate wind and clear water of the sea supports you to explore the reef bed aquatics and unique marine life. The surf beach on Sanur is a renowned spot for the tourists. The safe waters of the sea create a friendly atmosphere for the tourists. Submarines are helpful to the divers of all levels in exploring the underwater life. The gentle waves at the beach make it a favorite recreation spot for the entire family. A resting place has been constructed that encloses tiny cottages with shaded trees. People who do not indulge in water sport activities can just sit and watch the sunrise enjoying roasted corn and favorite eatables. The resorts along the beach support the tourists in the form of art shops, cafes and restaurants.

4. Adventure


Sanur is one of the best spots for diving in Bali. The water here is very cool and it includes 12 diving spots. The Bali Beach Golf Course is an international standard golf course in Sanur. It provides an additional challenge through its smaller range filled with shady pines and hibiscus plants. This club includes a bar and restaurant, ATM facilities and a conference room. Swimming is the major water activity in Sanur. The tides here are low and the water is clean. Swimming here is secure for both children and adults. Kite flying in Sanur is a must activity you must try. The traditional kites of Sanur are very big with a diameter of about 10 m. It also holds an annual festival at Padang Galak Beach known as the Bali Kite festival which is a 3 day event. The marine walk is also an exciting activity for children and adults. You will be given a scuba helmet and you need not remove your glasses or lenses as the helmet is waterproof. You will surely enjoy this fantastic experience of walking on the sea floor.

5. Foodies paradise

A variety of delicious food is available at Sanur beach’s Segara village hotel. It includes Indonesian, western and Balinese food. The best pizzas and pastas of Italian style in Sanur beach are served at the Massimo restaurant. Another restaurant which serves Italian food is the Stiff Chilli. You can also have your favorite drinks at Isola bar and restaurant that serves you cold beer. You can also try organic foods such as raw juices and smoothies at Manic Organic.

6. Rich culture

Culture of Sanur beach

A path has been constructed along the beachfront. The tourists can make use of this place to have a long walk and picking the flowers. Small shops are found along the board walk of the beach. The Balinese women sell sunglasses, water bottles and sarongs in these shops. Traditional fishing boats are found along the beach line. As an attempt to enhance the cultural and tourism image of Bali, Sanur festivals are being celebrated every year since 2006. The exclusive events have made this festival popular and have been successful in gathering the tourists from all over the world. This festival is celebrated for five days. It includes music performances, dance, water sports and other cultural traditional activities. The Chefs from five star hotels participate in this festival offering discounts on their delicious menu. The cultural shows, tea parties, mass yoga, fine arts exhibition and jazz function are the amazing things to explore.

7. Stay at Sanur beach

Stay in Sanur beach

a. Parigata Spa Villas is an open air restaurant that offers facilities like club swimming, windsurfing and shopping.

b. A Bali Emerald villa is a luxurious hotel. There are private maids to do every work including laundry.

c. WakaMaya Resort is exquisitely designed offering you with 2 to 5 bedrooms in each bungalow. There is a shared kitchen here to cook anything you want.

d. Mentari Sanur Hotel provides you with comfortable rooms and a family hospitality service.

e. Mercure Resort has 41 cottages with thatched roofs. It provides you direct access to the beach. It also has a tennis court and spa and massage service.

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