Are there any san diego beach attractions for kids?

I live in Houston and coming weekend I am planning to take my kids for a vacation. Their holidays have just commenced, and they want to enjoy them to the fullest. I am planning to visit San Diego beach with my kids as one of my colleagues found it a fantastic destination for small and big kids alike! I want to know from you guys about the san diego beach attractions for kids, precisely some wildlife areas. Can you guys suggest of a few such fantastic areas at the San Diego beach?

  • Jayanta Adhikari

    San Diego is a great tourist destination for families. With nice weather, dozens of public parks, 70 miles of beaches there are plenty of activities to amuse children of all ages. It is a great place for your children to visit a museum, a historic place, sea world, baseball park and mission beach for lots of other activities. You will find the children’s museum near the PETO park and it is full of surprises for your children. They can learn, they can have fun and they can also cherish the moment with old age and history. In the sea world they can enjoy performance from Shamu the killer whale and dozens of other marine animal . It is fun to watch the whale perform different stunts and it will also give your children a thrilling experience. You can also visit the San Diego Zoo which is in the north part of the city. Your along with your children can go for a suffary where you will see a lot of different animals including giraffes, warthogs, ground hornbills, and cheetahs, deer, antelopes, rhinoceros, elephants and lions. Mission Beach is the idle one for your children as it has a lot to offer. Volleyball, Rollerblade, Bicyclists, Skateboarders. This two-mile long, urban beach is sandwiched between houses and a paved “boardwalk.” This is a crowded place and it is idle for your children to enjoy the sea, sand and picnic. You can also visit the ‘OLD TOWN’ with your kids. This is known as the birthplace of San Diego, so all of you can explore and learn from past. Also you can collect some nice handicrafts from the old era. I hope this will help you. So please go ahead made your reservation and date with your kids. All of you will enjoy immensely.