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Relive the best times of your life at Siesta Key Beach

October 18, 2011

Siesta Key Beach

Siesta Key Beach, the most pristine beach in the world is wonderfully located in between Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. This beach in the central western coast of Florida is widely acclaimed for its finest and whitest sand. The barrier island, which is 8 mile long, is quite enchanting that it will make you lose yourself in the pure majesty of its lush subtropical setting and natural heritage.

Siesta Beach, as it is popularly known, is one among the top ten beaches in the world that is known for its famous pure white quartz sand made up of lava and crushed shells. The crystal clear water looks gorgeous and incredibly blue making it a perfect place to indulge in all sorts of water sports. Moreover, the pristine sand is quite cold to touch irrespective of the weather in the beach. Siesta Beach is a dream vacation spot to anyone. The small beautiful island promises a lot with many mangrove forests that are rich in flora and fauna.

Fun things to do in Siesta Key Beach:

Siesta Key Beach has spectacular and breathtaking picturesque scenic beauty. The white sands are very bright that makes the beach a perfect place to chill out on your vacation. The water is wonderfully warm and the sand is very cool for a hot sunny walk. You can spend your vacation exuberant doing many activities like fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, sailing, parasailing, bird watching, and so on.

1. Siesta Key Beach Fishing

If you love fishing, Siesta Key can find you everything you are looking for. No doubt, it is the place that offers one enough opportunities for angling. There are many places like the Big Sarasota Pass in the north end and the Midnight Pass in the south of the Siesta Key that carry abundant fishes. You can enjoy fishing anything like Spanish mackerel, bluefish, pompano, snapper, sharks, flounder, etc. The water is very calm and there are several rental marinas and boats to fulfill your fishing urge. Siesta Key offers exciting fishing adventures to both novice and expert anglers.

2. Siesta Key Beach Kayaking

The kayaking experience in the Siesta Key beach is a gateway to adventure and you cannot forget the audacious kayaking experiencing the flora and fauna around Neville wildlife. You will get a chance to explore the unveiled lagoons, unspoiled shores and also explore different species of plants. You can get Kayak rentals like sit in types and sit on top kayaks and they are well equipped with all safety measurements. The kayak rental includes lightweight paddles, dry bags, personal flotation devices and laminated maps for safe and comfortable adventure.

3. Siesta Key Beach Snorkeling

Those who want to enjoy the underwater world can enjoy snorkeling in the area called Point of Rocks in the Crescent Beach off Siesta Key Beach. The spot is smoothly sheltered with limestone rocks and the water is deep enough for the best snorkeling. You can explore coral reef, swim with many fishes like large sharks and crustaceans and enjoy the stunning beauty of red boring algae.

4. Siesta Key Beach Sailing

Siesta Beach offers ample opportunities for sailing through various charters and cruises. They take you all around to experience the breathtaking and astounding views and rich wildlife in the island. You can also enjoy the spectacular sunset spending your time in the cruise for a whole day or a few hours. There are sailing charters that undertake offshore dive trips for those who love to explore underwater.

5. Siesta Key Beach Parasailing

Parasailing in the Siesta Key Beach offers an incredible experience. It is available on reservation. You can enjoy the spectacular views of the mangrove forests floating in the air and soaring along the island over the sea spotting manatees and dolphins. Furthermore, you can relish an unparalleled visual treat of Sarasota, Longboat Key, Lido Key and Siesta Key from the lofty heights snapped in the canopy.

6. Siesta Key Beach Bird watching

If you are an avid lover of birds, you can surely enjoy the wonderful opportunity the island gives to bird watching. Siesta Key is the home for many varieties of birds like terns, ibis, wild parrots, storks, spoonbills, plovers, cranes and gulls. If you are lucky enough you can spot even egrets and great blue herons.

7. Cuisines in Siesta Key Beach

No wonder, Siesta Key is known for an island of culinary delights. Most of the restaurants here offer a wide selection of food like American, Italian, French and Oriental. However, you can find seafood dishes aplenty. The commonly found seafood delicacies are lobster, blackened fish, oysters and crab. The restaurants in Siesta Key create a great welcoming ambiance that suit the environment of the island.

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