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Nudist beach myths you ought to know right

September 28, 2011

Nudist beach

Whenever a person hears about a nudist beach, the first thing that comes in mind is going nude on the beach and thus many of you don’t give a preference to such thing. And whenever a person plans to go for a holiday to a nudist beach then many things comes into mind that results in wrong planning. And thus there are many myths about this nudist beach. Some of them think that only narrow minded or pervert go to these nudist beach to see other nude people or go nude themselves. And some of them never wants to go to this nudist beach because they think that going nude outside is not according to the society and is immoral. Some don’t go to this type of beaches because they think that their body is not worth seeing when they are nude.

So because these type of beaches are not thought good by people thus there are many myths about these type of beaches. So a big question arises that whether these myths are true or just myths? So, some of the myths are listed down here to make the situation clear in your mind that whether you can plan a vacation here or not:

1. All nudist beaches are just similar to another

This is a myth that all nudist beaches are same to another. There are many nudist beaches that are categorized to different types of groups. Some of the nudist beaches are specifically for families, some of them are for elder people, some of them for honeymoon couples, and some of them are for gays and lesbians only. So each of the nudist resort has its own quality and each of them is different from other. Thus it’s a myth that all the nudist beaches are similar to one another.

2. There is just a single play at a nudist beach – Volleyball

This is another myth that you can only play beach volleyball over there. Though you can play beach volleyball at any other beach whether it be nudist or not. It offers you to enjoy beach volleyball but it’s only up to you that whether you want to play it or not. You can enjoy other activities on such beaches such as horse riding, swimming, motor boats and many other indoor activities like playing poker, cards or bingo.

3. To freely indulge in sexual activities or foreplay at nudist beaches

People think that the nudist beaches are only for sex purpose. But people want to feel comfortable with each other over these beaches. And that is the only thing that makes naturist as naturist and that doesn’t mean that they want to have sex with each other all the time. Actually becoming comfortable means that they want to feel each other when they are present in the nature. This also results in building up self confidence. Though in many nudist resorts, people always engage in foreplay or sex behind the doors only.

4. To visit a nudist resort you need to be the member of nudist club

Though there are many nudist clubs that first require a membership to enjoy the services of these nudist beach but there are many other that don’t require any type of membership to go over these nudist beach. You can directly pay and enjoy their services and make your vacation memorable.

5. You must have a perfectly shaped or super model’s body to go to a nudist beach

This is another myth that if you don’t have a super model’s body then you can’t go to the nudist beach. Perhaps it is a fact that whenever you see any photograph of a nudist beach you will find persons with sensuous rock hard bodies but this is not true in reality. You will find all type of body shapes at a nudist beach. No matter you are fat or thin or don’t have attractive body you can enjoy there.

6. You can’t go to a nudist beach if you have tan lines over your body

This is another misconception that if you have tan lines then you can’t go out for swimming. Event the perfect nudists can have tan lines over their body and it comes by the nature and it’s about being natural at a nudist beach.

7. Nudist beaches are only for aged people

Though this is a fact that many of the nudist clubs are convincing young couples to join their club but there are many destinations that are very much popular among them. But the truth is that some of the nudist beaches are family oriented where you can see all of the family being nude but there is a recent survey been conducted which says that the younger couples visit more than aged people to enjoy topless sunbath on a nudist beach.

8. You need to be naked all the time over a nudist beach

This is misconception that you need to be naked while roaming over a nudist beach. It’s up to you whether you want to enjoy naked or want to roam in clothes. There are many resorts where clothing is optional and where you need not to be naked all the time.

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