Nude beach girls in New York?

I am planning to get marry on next month so before that I am planning to go on a bachelor trip with my friends. Can you name some nude beach girls in New York where we can have the blasting fun? Mention two or three names so that we can have an option. Thanks.

  • Rahul Shah

    NudeBeach Girls in New YorkThe four players have alreadyseen a giant leap to their artistic careers. Student performance andchoreography are the New York borough of Queens, are between 20 to 25 years,and boarded the subway line swaying their bodies to the surprised eyes of otherusers. “Dancing like a stripper in public can be difficult, but we were broke andjobless, and we thought the video was great idea to earn some money,” saidthe Daily News one of the girls, named Isis Masoud. In the video, in which, during the four minutes, we can see the faces ofsurprise and astonishment of the other passengers of the car, the girls do notstop moving around the car, holding onto the safety bars to dance and evenrubbing with some of the male travelers. Armed with fishnet stockings and miniskirt, the four girls got on a subway thatwent from Queens to Manhattan last March and left without a word to mosttravelers, who came to tip them. These travelers can now recognize in the videothat is posted on Google Vineyard. “They won our prize because the idea of ​​sex at a public place alwayssells,” acknowledged Darren Niermerow the Daily News, one of the foundersof the page that prize. The authorities of the metropolitan transport network in New York, the MTA,however, are not very satisfied with the fact that the subway becomes astriptease room and talk about an act of disorder. “What we want is that our lines underground burlesque scenes become idealfor exhibitionists,” said the Daily News agency spokesman, Paul Fleurange.