For Kids: Follow these tips while you are in water


I know there rules seems very common but most of the time you people forget to obey those rule so this is the earnest request to all the kids and specifically to their guardians that always keep in mind these simple steps in mond coz some time your little carelessness turn troublesome.

1) Never go alone to swim always accompany with your elders.

2) Always follow the pool rules and regulations.

3) While taking swimming classes keep your floating assisting devices around.

4) For the first timer staying in the shallow end is the best way to stay safe.

5) Never ever try to push others to the pool not even out of fun.

6) Avoid eating and chew during swimming, which could lead clogging.

7) If you are sailing through boat then don’t forget to wear a life jacket.

8) For taking a dive in water slide face up and feet first.

9) Never cross the mark of safety area of the pool.

10) Avoid swimming close to jetty areas as you could hit by a piling or rock.