Can somebody tell me the famous long island beaches?

I have recently moved to New York from Florida with my family, and my kids want me to take them to a beach. Well, there are few best beaches in Florida undoubtedly, and this is why my kids are quite used to spend their holiday, or weekend at Siesta Key Sarasota Beach, or Grayton beach! I would really want to know a few famous long island beaches, where I can take my family on coming weekend. Can somebody please help me with a perfect location for a family outing on beach? Thanks.

  • Frances Blevins

    I have been to Florida, and I am sure your love for beaches is because of the wonderful beach life there. Nonetheless, you don’t need to worry at all, as near New York, you would find the Long Island beaches, which are famous for their stretches of fine white sand, moderate surf and temperate water, throughout theworld. In fact, with over the 400 miles of coastline Long Island, you wouldfind some amazing, or the famous beaches, which are Long Beach, Robert MosesState Park, Jones Beach State Park, The Hamptons, Fire Island, Montauk Point,and The Hamptons. Long Island beaches offer something for everyone. There are beaches on both theshores, with unmatched beauty. Moreover, there are plenty of things to do likesoftball, golf, and fishing, concerts, hiking and cycling. The Montauk Point is the best for sightseeing, restaurants,and nightlife. Therefore, I believe you can try enjoying your weekends on different beaches at the Long Islands with your family! Have a great time!!