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Choose the right swimwear for smaller breasts

December 15, 2011

Swimming is a fun and relaxing activity for most women, but often women with small breast find it challenging to buy swimwear that compliments their body. Not all, but several restrict themselves from a swimming outing for the fear of being teased, when they show-off their body in swimwear. Being petite, athletic or boyish structured typically means having a small breast size. Women with such body structures should opt for fabrics that are not very thin and wear padded swimwear if possible. These enhance small breasts. Colors also define the way women look. White and bright colors make them look fuller, while black makes them look flatter.

Swimwear for small breast

Enlisted here are some of the most common swimsuit styles and designs for women aspiring to make the most of their small assets:

Colorful maillots:

Instead of adorning a mono-color swimwear, women with small breasts must opt for swimwears with a medley of colors or patterns. Small floral prints and horizontal stripes help to accentuate the small assets of women. Curvy maillots, which are a one-piece swimming suits with a scoop neck and two tank straps, help augment the figures of women with small breasts. They also come with under wire support or push-ups to better define small breasts.

One piece or two-piece bandeaus:

Ruffled tops and bottoms or one-piece swimwears that are pleated or layered on the breast area are good option for slim women. They help add volume to the breast as well as the butt. Bandeaus come with detachable straps. These can be attached in the spaghetti, halter or criss-cross style to a bandeau when required.

Pleated, frilled or layered classic bikini tops:

Pleated, frilled or layered classic bikini tops are like traditional bras. They come with under wires and make small assets look bigger than usual.

Triangular bikini tops with G-string bottoms:

Triangular swimwear tops make small breasts look bigger. This is an illusion created by the shape of the bikini. If the triangular bikini top is worn along with a G-string bottom, it works wonders for the figure of a woman with small assets.

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