Which is the cheapest Caribbean cruise to Cambodia?

I reside at New York. I want to go to Cambodia for a vacation trip with my family. In my family there are 4 adult and 2 children. So in total we are six. Please tell me which is the cheapest cruises to Cambodia? As we are six person I can’t afford much money. So, if you know about cheap cruises to Cambodia then please tell me.

  • Manni Fletcher

    You are looking forward for some cheap cruises to Cambodia as you plan a vacation with your family to this place. The size of the family is huge so you are looking for some cheap cruise solving your purpose as you don’t will to spend much on fare.I totally understand your point and I will see what can I do for you. Last month my friend went to this place by cruise with his spouse and he went in a very cheap cruise making him reach his destination. I asked him about these cruise, so he told me some sites to refer before booking. I offer you these sites to solve your purpose. I hope you surely get a cheap fare of travel for your family’s travel to Cambodia.1. Orbitz2. DiscoveryindochinaI hope your purpose is solved by referring these sites and you have good family vacation forward.