Nude beach girls in New York?

I am planning to get marry on next month so before that I am planning to go on a bachelor trip with my friends. Can you name some nude beach girls in New York where we can have the blasting fun? Mention two or three names so that we can have an option. Thanks.

Can anyone tell me about some Brazilian beaches?

I am planning to spend my holidays with friends the coming week! I want to know about some Brazilian beaches, as my ex-girlfriend was a Brazilian, and we have recently broken up. I want to know about Fernando de Noronha as I had already heard about this Brazilian beach from my girlfriend quite often. Is it a sandy beach? We are five friends, and want to make our trip memorable! Can you guys help? Hoping to hear soon! Thanks.

What would be the ideal destination for beach hunters?

My college friends and I are planning to go out on vacations and we have decided to try out some beaches this time around. Let me tell you that I am a beach lover myself and I love everything about the beaches. I don’t want to go out of my country and so I would want the people to tell me as to what would be as ideal destination for beach hunters in US?

Is there any beach in Jamaica where being naked is allowed?

I am planning to visit Jamaica with my girl friend in 3rd week of October. This is the first time I am going out with her for a trip. So want to enjoy this trip fully. So we are looking for beaches where nudity or being naked is allowed. Are their public beaches that allow it or do we need to look for private beaches? I have heard that some of the resorts allow it and if so what some of those resorts are? And how much expensive they are?

Palm Beach: a great tourist destination

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is one of the most fun filled and beautiful beaches in North America. It is a place where you will find a perfect amalgamation of natural and manmade luxuries. You can simply unwind on the beach side and tan yourself in a beautiful manner or can go for one of those water sports you have been longing for since long. You can enjoy many things on the Palm beach as the city itself is known for world class beaches, great golf and tennis playing options, and boating and diving. Besides, the upmarket lifestyle of rich people of the city makes it a place worth visiting and get a flavor of lifestyle of rich and highly influential people. The beach offers you many things and basically does not disappoint anyone since it has something or other to offer for adults, kids, and youngsters.

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Nude Destinations: 10 Best places in the world to bare it all!

Nude destinations

Every one of us wishes to live as a free soul and some are more than eager to do so. This is what makes them head to destinations where they can let off all their burdens – even clothes! Yes! These days a drastic increase is being noticed in the number of nude vacationers looking for destinations where they can bare it all. If you are one such person, looking for one such destination, here is some help. Listed below are top 10 destinations where you can bare it all:

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5 Top nude beaches in America

American beaches

A nude beach is a beach where clothing is optional and people have the liberty to be completely nude if they want to. A nude beach is different from a topless beach. A topless beach is where you are allowed not to use upper body clothing for both men and women, but costumes covering the genital area are essential. In a nude beach you are free not to wear any dress. It is during 1950s that nude beaches first became popular in France. Almost all the beaches in Norway are said to be clothing-optional ones. There are a few nude beaches in America. Let us try to explore quickly five of the top nude beaches in America:

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