Top 5 nude beaches in Miami

There are many nude and topless beaches in Miami. If you are interested in visiting such places then, you can choose one of the beaches closest to your locality. Though it is not technically legal, sunbathing topless in the beach is socially acceptable. One of the most common beaches is the South Beach. When you go farther, you can see a lot of people enjoying topless sunbathing at this beach. Most of the hotels here allow people to go topless and enjoy the sun. Certain hotels however, do not allow this. Before checking in to a particular hotel it is better to check with the authorities about what you wish to do. If you are interested in sunbathing completely nude and get rid of the tan lines, the North end of Haulover Beach is the place to go. The beach has separate sections for complete nudity. So check well before you indulge. Read on to know about some of the nude beaches in Miami.

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5 Best nude beaches in Hawaii

According to the Hawaiian law, nudity is illegal at beaches in Hawaii, but the state still has some beaches that are dubbed as nude or topless. Hawaii also has some clothing-optional beaches. Putting the legal issues aside, many people arrive in Hawaii each year to relax and enjoy at these nude beaches. Here is a list of to five nude beaches in Hawaii.

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10 Most pleasurable nudist beaches of Spain

Most of the people have a dream to spend a vacation at nudist beach destinations. However, it does not become possible to come true, as it is not permitted everywhere. If you have such an amazing dream, then you must think for having holidays in Spain. Nearly all beaches are the nudist beaches. Nudism is not illegal in Spain and so you could have a nice vacation there. Let’s point out a number of nudist beaches in Spain.

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7 Best nude beaches in Greece

Greece has a plethora of beaches for everyone’s fancy. For a freedom lover, however, an ordinary will just not do, and for those of you who love nude beaches Greece is the right place. If you see map of Greece you will find that these nude beaches densely occupy a larger part of Greece. Some of them are world renowned, whilst others are ideally for the ones who like the quietness of nature, privacy and isolation. Some of the best nude beaches in Greece are:

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Nudist beach myths you ought to know right

Nudist beach

Whenever a person hears about a nudist beach, the first thing that comes in mind is going nude on the beach and thus many of you don’t give a preference to such thing. And whenever a person plans to go for a holiday to a nudist beach then many things comes into mind that results in wrong planning. And thus there are many myths about this nudist beach. Some of them think that only narrow minded or pervert go to these nudist beach to see other nude people or go nude themselves. And some of them never wants to go to this nudist beach because they think that going nude outside is not according to the society and is immoral. Some don’t go to this type of beaches because they think that their body is not worth seeing when they are nude.

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5 best nude beaches in Cyprus

Nude beaches in Cyprus

Nude beaches are slowly getting popular all around the world. Here people get an opportunity to sunbathe and are legally at liberty to go nude. Although there are several nude beaches around the world, yet Cyprus is a favorite destination for nudists. Its stunning scenery combines sparkling waters and scintillating sunshine that makes it perfect for a clothes free holiday.

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