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Best Caribbean Islands for nightlife and bars

September 6, 2011

Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean Islands is well known for its lively activities and beautiful beaches. The sunny island of Caribbean have innumerable bars and clubs that features a variety of music like jazz, reggae, meringue, and rock and roll. There are even places where you could chill out like discos, casinos, dance clubs, piano bars and band play. It is one of the most desirable destinations for nightlife. The Caribbean Islands has lot to offer after the sun goes down. I am listing down some of the best places in the Caribbean Islands to enjoy the nightlife:

1. St. Kitts – Beach Bars Beckon on Frigate Bay

It is the raising Frigate Bay “strip” of beach bars which include the Monkey Bar, Rainbow, Mr. X Shiggidy Shack, and Ziggy’s. The hotels around St. Kitts host many folk shows, calypso and steel bands which add a variety to the nightlife. If you want to have extreme fun on St. Kitts, make friends with the locals and join them into their lively fun.

2. Aruba – Bring on the Night

After sun set, the resort bar of Aruba pumps up the volume. The Island of Aruba has to offer more than just the folkloric show unlike many other islands. The Arubans usually like to celebrate late in the evening. Apart from the catchy nightlife glimpse in the casinos in Aruba, you can sip on a drink while the sun goes down into the sea, dance to the beat of a local band, or simply stroll along a deserted starlit beach.

3. Trinidad – Fetes and Fun

There is no lack of live music as a part of nightlife in Trinidad and around the carnival time, spontaneity plays a big role. On most weekends, with parties drawing up to 200 people, there can be seen a lively gay scene in Trinidad. Trinidad’s carnival which is celebrated right after the Christmas is termed by the locals as “The Greatest Show on Earth”.

4. Puerto Rico – San Juan is the City that Never Sleeps

The lobby bars in the large hotels of San Juan usually have band play in the evening. There are many shows and dancing programs in most of the hotels and casinos and clubs. Music like salsa and Latin jazz is mostly preferred in the nightlife of San Juan. One of the Caribbean’s best street parties is called the “Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián”, celebrated in the month of January.

5. Jamaica – Reggae, Beach Parties, and one

There are many lively dance clubs and bars in most of the hotel resorts throughout Jamaica. For easy bar-hopping, Gloucester Avenue is lined with some of the island’s top bars and clubs. Montego Bay is a romantic place, where you could go on a tranquil sunset cruise followed by a dinner at the restaurant Three Palms on the grounds of Rose Hall. Every evening there is an event in Negril, usually a beach party with live music.

6. Curacao – Long weekends and One Long Carnival

Curacao has a big night on the Fridays with live music and happy hours at most of the bars and hotels. The merry making continues till the wee hours of Sunday as the Island tradition. The carnival here is characterized by outrageous costumes, blowout parades, and frenetic energy. Beginning on New Year’s, the season of this island lasts longer than on many other islands.

7. Jost Van Dyke – BVI’s Best Bars

To go barhopping, Jost Van Dyke is one of the most happening places in the BVI. The spots in Jost Van Dyke are all congregated in three locations: Great Harbour, White Bay, and Little Harbour.

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