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All you need to know about Cabbage Beach

September 12, 2011

Cabbage Beach

Bahamas is an island nation, which consists of approximately 700 islands in the Caribbean sea. Awesome beaches attract people to spend their holidays in Bahamas. Nassau is the capital of Bahamas. It is the biggest business center in Bahamas located on New Providence Island.

Cabbage beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations is Nassau. It is one of the favorite tourist destination across the globe. The climate and its amazing natural beauty catch the attention of tourists from all across the globe. It has many satellite islands which makes it an dazzling place for beach holidays. The fast paced signs of modern life fade in the beautiful surroundings and background of Cabbage beach. It is located on the Northern side of Paradise Island in New Providence.

Cabbage beach is well-liked for its white sand and tranquil atmosphere. Stretch of sparkling white sand beach is an ideal place to bask in sunlight while allowing your offsprings to run between the sweeps of small waves on their feet. The attention-grabbing and revitalizing ambiance flows through this beautiful beach. Cabbage Island exerts a pull on lovers to its shores, as you can enfold yourselves in love while taking a romantic leisurely walk or you can just simply relax yourself.

Beach Weather

Cabbage beach is located in Nassau which has a tropical monsoon climate with somewhat steady temperatures throughout the course of the year. Summertime temperatures don’t often exceed 33 °C and, in the winter months, the daytime temperatures are between 20 and 27 °C, on the odd occasion falling below 10 °C.

Best Means of Transport

Nassau is well connected with daily flights to and from United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Caribbean. From the airport, Cabs and Limo type cars are readily available to take you to the Cabbage beach. These cabs are available are non metered cabs, so talk about and be in agreement on your fare before getting on the cab. To unearth the way in to Cabbage Beach, you need to plainly persist walking along the main road from the Paradise Island Ferry Terminal until you pass the very last hotel (the Riu), and then you enter the Cabbage beach.

Best Hotels: Cabbage beach offers a place to relax,it has many hotels and resorts along the road.You can find the best hotels and resorts around Cabbage beach which suit all travelers:

1. Paradise Island beach club: It is situated 0.26 kilometers away from Cabbage beach. It is a place that blends delight and comfort. It has two tempting pools where you can swim, float or play.

2. Paradise Harbor club and Marina: It is situated 0.40 kilometers away from Cabbage beach. The hotel has other close by points of interest, like Paradise island golf club and Versailles garden too

3. One & Only Ocean Club: One & Only Ocean Club is located on the beach in Paradise Island, close to Versailles Gardens, Cabbage Beach, and Atlantis Aquarium. Other points of significance near this magnificent resort include Fort Fincastle and Fort Montagu.

4. Atlantis Beach Tower: It is situated 1.20 kilometers away from Cabbage beach. This Paradise Island land has a personal beach. Atlantis Beach Tower has a restaurant, a poolside bar, and a bar/lounge.

Adventure activities

There are catamaran operators located on the ferry terminal presenting an opportunity for you to undertake trips. You can take a catamaran trip to other Islands for some excellent experience. You can spend some good time at DOLPHIN CAY ATLANTIS, which is one of the world’s biggest and an astonishing dolphin habitat. Snorkeler’s Cove is a nearby destination popular for snorkeling. If you amble a few blocks to the south, you will find the VERSAILLES GARDEN, a park that takes us back in history .

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