Can anyone tell me about some Brazilian beaches?

I am planning to spend my holidays with friends the coming week! I want to know about some Brazilian beaches, as my ex-girlfriend was a Brazilian, and we have recently broken up. I want to know about Fernando de Noronha as I had already heard about this Brazilian beach from my girlfriend quite often. Is it a sandy beach? We are five friends, and want to make our trip memorable! Can you guys help? Hoping to hear soon! Thanks.

  • Anil Tomar

    Nothing in the world compares to a vacation spent at the
    Brazilian beaches. The Brazilian beaches are exotic with integration of
    incredible scenery and an ideal climate to enjoy your vacations with friends
    and family. The joy enhances extensively with the warm welcome and friendly nature
    of locals. In addition, the pretty girls and enthusiastic local cultures are wonderful.

    There are numerous beautiful beaches in the Brazil, where you
    can spend your holidays with your friends and make your trip memorable. Some of
    our suggestions are,

    Copacabana and Leblon, Buzios and Ipanema (Rio de Janeiro), Alter
    do Chao (Para), Ilha de Tinhare and Praia do Forte (Salvador, Bahia State), Jericoacoara
    (Ceara State, in the north of city Fortaleza), and Praia do Rosa (South of

    Fernando de Noronha is fabulous beach in Sao Paulo and it is
    considered as an eco-wonderland. This wonderland is made up of more than 10 miles
    long chunk of volcanic rock and consists of almost 20 small islands. This beach
    is truly a paradise for beach lovers where everyone is very friendly. As you
    asked, this beach is a sandy pristine. This
    place is well known for the friendly sharks including lemon sharks, Caribbean
    reef sharks and nurse sharks.