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Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park: A perfect holiday destination

December 20, 2011

Florida has always been known for its amazing beaches and a relaxed lifestyle. But the most beautiful of them is the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. It has been named after an editor at Miami News and is known for its natural beauty. Infact this is the most beautiful beach at Miami and has been ranked as the 10th best beach in America. It is not only the best beach in country but also has a great shoreline of the Atlantic coast and also has a beautiful lighthouse that is there since the 19th century. This is the oldest structure of the country. Well, this article is about how to enjoy the beach while visiting it.

Florida State Park

This State Park has great facilitites and aminities for all outdoor activities. It has all the activities from cycling to swimming and canoeing to hiking. For families, this place has got wide range of activities to do. There are very few outdoor activities that are not allowed in Cape Florida State Park. The outdoor activitites that the State Park allows are:

1. Swimming
You can swim at your own risk all through the 1.25 miles of the shore line. But remember that there are no life guards.
2. Bicycling

The feel of cycling on the beach is altogether a different feeling.
3. Camping:

Amidst the swaying palm trees and a beautiful beach, this is the best place to stay on the beach.
4. Kayaking and Canoeing

The sea is the best place for these sports and covering the 1.25 miles of the coast line will definitely be really adventurous.

5. Moonlit dinner

The Lighthouse Cafe here will be the best place for dining. You can have a romantic dinner with your loved one and even the children can enjoy playing at the beach.
6. Fishing

Morning here can be an exciting time for you to fish you own lunch.
7. Hiking

If you are there out with your friends, this would be the most interesting activity.

8. Picnic

Taking your children to this place would be the ideal adventure.

It will feel incomplete, if you have visited the Cape Florida State Park and not visited the famous lighthouse. It may not be the ideal outdoor activity. It is a must see! The light house and the cottage is open twice every day and you can have a sumptous meal at the Lighthouse Cafe.

It is clear that the Cape Florida State Park is the best place for outdoor activities. All those who love to surf and love sand, will be at home here. There are certain restrictions for camping at the Cape Florida State Park. They do not allow individuals to camp here. You have to be in a group to camp. A group here means atleast 6-7 people or more. The over night fees is also pretty reasonable, which costs around $1.13per youth and $2.25 per adult. So, you can stay over night and enjoy the beauties of the Park.

The park is open from 8 am till night every day of the year. If you want to camp there docking your boat, it will cost you just $20 every night and with this money, you have access to the restrooms, the park area, picnic area and the baths. The admission rate is very low: $2 for cyclists and pedestrians, $4 for motorcycles and $8 for vehicles.

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