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Best beach resorts in the world

August 29, 2011

Best beach resort

There is hardly anyone who does not like to have a vacation around the city beaches. However, the most imperative part is the resort. You need to choose one of the best resorts in the world to make your vacation memorable. Here are some of the world’s best beach resorts for a charming and unforgettable experience.

Cambridge Beaches (Sandys, Bermuda)
Cambridge Beaches is the top most cottage colony resort. It is located on a 25 acres land with nearly about 100 rooms, extensive marine rentals, five private beaches, tennis courts, the famous European wellness center, and wonderful gourmet cuisine. The most famous spa offers various kinds of massage, skin care, facials, sessions, and health, and fitness programs. Recently an amazing outdoor pool opened here. So, you could have a nice time, if you choose this most beautiful beach resort.

Las Ventanas Al Paraiso (San Jose del Cabo, Mexico)
As the name sounds, the Las Ventanas al Paraiaso is none other than a paradise on the earth. It is one of the best beach resorts in Mexico. It has stunning luxury rooms along with reliable services. The resort will definitely charm you with its magnificent suites and world-class spa. Moreover, the cuisine is also just terrific. It has 61 spectacular suits that can impress anybody in the world.

Copacabana Palace (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)
It is one of the most legendary resorts in the world and it was opened in the year 1923. Here, you can find the real touch of Brazilian traditions. The most renowned architect Joseph Gire planned the sight. A number of high-class people like celebrities, businessmen, and politicians often come to the resort to have a nice time. Here, you can taste the Italian foods. It also provides its guest one bar and two restaurants.

Cap Juluca (Maundays Bay, Anguilla)
Cap Juluca is located on the southwest shore of Anguilla. It is spread over 179 acres of peninsula and inland water. The resort is famous in all over the world for its 2.5 miles of white powder beaches. If you come here to spend your vacation, then you could have exceptional luxury accommodations. The resort takes in near about twenty separate Moorish-style suits. Each has just about 6 rooms and the decoration is just unthinkable.

Peter Island Resort (Peter Island, British Virgin Islands)
Peter Island is an all-time favorite island, where lots of people come to spend their vacations every year. If you come here once, then you would find an exceptional thing. Sometimes, the number of stuffs becomes more than its guests to take proper care of the guests. There are more than 50 rooms and nearly about 1200 acres of green field, hilly land, and beaches. So, you could get here a complete holiday package.

La Samanna (St Martin, French West Indies)
While it comes to list out world’s best beach resorts, the name of La Samanna Resort can never be forgotten. The Spa is truly just beyond imagination. It will surely get you back one more time to the resort. Nearly all suits have a complete ocean view to its large window. However, a small number of rooms are located on the backside. You may visit many ecological tourism spots like ButterFly Farms, Lottery Farms, and Parrot Jungle

Elounda Beach Hotel (Crete, Greece)
The charming luxury resort Elounda Beach Hotel is located on the island of Crete in Greece. It is really one of the biggest resorts where more than 200 rooms are available with nice decorations. The resort is also famous for its amazing food items. On the whole, you could have a nice time here with your family and friends.

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