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Beach Honeymoon: Romance on the beaches of the US

October 14, 2011

Sea beaches

Romance is best when on a beach with your beloved, lying side by side, with nothing to do, with not a care in the world. To keep such sentiments alive and burning in a relationship, we have compiled a list of the top ten romantic beaches in the US, each one better than the other. So, read on, and experience a shore extravaganza like never before.

1. Captiva beach

Captiva Beach

The sunsets at this white, sandy beach in Florida are famous throughout the globe for their breathtaking beauty. Captiva beach also boasts of an impressive collection of flora and fauna including trees like sea grapes, Australian pines and birds like seagulls, herons and egrets, which are a fairly common sight. In the early mornings, the seashore is practically free from any crowd, making it the perfect place for romantic privacy. Also, it is a perfect place to collect seashells, which are tailor-made romantic souvenirs.

2. Carmel beach

Carmel Beach

The waters at Carmel beach in California are unique due to their distinctive foamy appearance and the gentle force of the tide, all lending a one of a kind identity to this scenic location. The white sand perfectly complements huge rocks and cypress trees is doting the shoreline. Note that though it is not a particularly safe beach to swim at, it does make for a perfect romantic getaway.

3. Coronado beach

Coronado Beach

‘Privacy’ is what describes this one in the truest sense. That, along with fun-activities like whale-watching, surfing, boogie-boarding and sunbathing make it a beach you should not miss at any cost. The grand Victorian Hotel Del Coronado forms the backdrop at this famous Californian spot, from where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the ocean, whilst sipping on your glass of wine, hand-in-hand with your beloved.

4. Fuller Street beach

Fuller Street Beach

Perfect for a lovely romantic walk, this beach in Massachusetts is lined by pretty growths like pink plum roses and beautiful fir trees. The winds carry the scents of the ocean over to the shore, enamoring the visitors to its charms. The best time to visit Fuller’s is right after fall, when the water is not too cold and your chances of being all alone on the beach are greatly heightened.

5. Driftwood beach

Driftwood Beach

No doubt the best beach in Georgia, this place has a variety of attractions to offer visitors including dolphin spotting and horse riding or simply. The sunsets are a colorful burst of Mother Nature’s play, sparkling gold and other fiery hues off the sand and waters. The St. Simon’s lighthouse located on this beach is also a must see.

6. Hamoa beach

Hamoa Beach

Visitors to the Hamoa beach in Hawaii swear by its serene and picturesque sunsets, calling them the most beautiful sights they had ever seen. The beach is moon-shaped and is encircled by tall cliffs made of black lava. Palm trees and other lush greenery set the mood for romance in perfect measure. Snorkeling is a popular activity this beach has to offer.

7. Montauk Lighthouse State Park beach

Montauk Lighthouse State Park Beach

Bluish-gray waters combined with the sight of rocky cliffs give this beach a perfect adventure-island feel. It is a preferred spot for writers and musicians seeking inspiration from the pure beauty so abundant here. The highlight of this beach is the lighthouse which offers a stunning view not only during the day, but also at nights when the star-studded sky is all yours to admire and appreciate. It is also a popular place to head to, if you are feeling lucky enough to spot a shooting star.

8. Maroma beach

Maroma Beach

Mayan Riviera in Mexico is home to this little, yet lovely beach. Thousands of shades of green and blue adorn the waters, driving away every other issue from your mind. You can choose to go coral-sighting or instead, end up pampering yourself with a sea-side massage. Places selling rich cuisines, flame-lit pathways, cordial generosity, and wonderful days and glittery nights are all part of what make this relaxed and quite luxurious honeymoon.

9. Pinks Sands beach

Pinks Sands Beach

Named after the pink corals special to this beach, this shore in the Bahamas is a wonderful example of natural beauty. The sand has a unique ability of never heating up to uncomfortable levels, which means you can enjoy walking around on the beach in any weather, at any time of the day. And not just that, the experience of the sand’s touch on your feet has been described poetically as walking on feather pillows. Reason enough for romance and passion to fuel each other.

10. Scott beach at Caneel Bay

Scott Beach at Caneel Bay

Situated in the Virgin Islands, Scott beach is a white sandy beach characterized by its mountain terrain and crystal-clear azure blue waters. Crowds are rarely seen here and it is cherished for its peace and quiet by every visitor. Located very close is the regal Caneel Bay, which boasts of seven private beaches. If what you need is relaxation and calm, you will certainly not be disappointed. The sight of marine creatures like turtles on the ocean bed, feeding silently, gives a feeling of peace and fulfillment this beach promises to one and all.

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