How is the accommodation at crystal beach, Texas?

One of my colleagues has just returned from a long vacation, and he could not stop ranting about his recent day out with family at crystal beach! He advised me to go to this phenomenal beach, as his kids simply loved it. I am not really an adventure-loving person as such, but I am planning to take my kids there in next few days, and the idea of taking them to this beach doesn’t seem to be bad as we have recently moved to Texas! I would like to know about the accommodation at this place, so I would really appreciate if somebody can please suggest me aptly.

  • Pete Fuller

    Well! I just went to Crystal beach with my wife and two kids last week, and it was a thrilling experience for us. I stayed at Joy Sands Motel at port Bolivar, and the accommodation there was up to my satisfaction. It really becomes difficult to manage kids, as they are never happy with anything. However, it was a pleasant experience overall, since even my kids enjoyed. One of the assets of Joy Sands Motel is that it is near to the beach and some very nice restaurants are quite inclose proximity. I would say that the deal was a real nice one, as the outing was all planned by my wife. Honestly, I liked the idea of staying in a mortal for about 4 days because the purpose was to visit the Crystal beach, and not really availing some five star services at a lavish hotel. Thereby, I can advise you to take your family to this beach, and spend some quality time with them at this amazing motel, with an equally amazing staff. A nice place to hang out! Hope you like my recommendation!