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7 Best nude beaches in Greece

December 1, 2011

Greece has a plethora of beaches for everyone’s fancy. For a freedom lover, however, an ordinary will just not do, and for those of you who love nude beaches Greece is the right place. If you see map of Greece you will find that these nude beaches densely occupy a larger part of Greece. Some of them are world renowned, whilst others are ideally for the ones who like the quietness of nature, privacy and isolation. Some of the best nude beaches in Greece are:

Nudist beaches in Greece

1. Red Beach, Santorini

Red Beach, Santorini

This beach is located at Santorini in the area that is known as Akrotiri. The beauty of this beach lies in the color of the hills surrounding it. The hills are volcanic and thus shaded with the beautiful red color of volcanic lava. The contrast of red color of the hills and the blue of the ocean makes it a breathtaking sight. You can get to the beach either by boat or by walking. You can take the boat from Perissa or can walk from Akrotiri. A must visit for nudists.

2. Red Beach, Crete

Red Bach, Crete

You might call this the sister beach of the one at Santorini. This is one of the most popular nudists’ destinations in Greece. To reach this beach, requires a hike for about half an hour from the nearby place called Matala, but the beach is completely worth this hike. On the northern part of the beach, you will find rocks that are carved in the Egyptian style, and this is where you will find the nudists too. Remember that there are not many shops here, so it is better to carry water and food with you.

3. Marmara Beach, Crete

Marmara Beach, Crete

Crete is well known for its beautiful beaches and for being friendly to nudists. Marmara is little debatable at this point. There is a clear sign that requests people to be clothed, but the beauty of the place has always lured nudists here. The beach is filled with smooth, marble rocks that make this place a castle-like beauty. You can reach this beach on foot by walking through Aradena Gorge.

4. Glyka Nera, Crete

Glyka Nera, Crete

This beach is also called the Sweetwater beach and this is a popular nudists’ beach. This beach is extremely beautiful and gives an air of seclusion. The beach has a natural cold water spring and thus you will not find many shops around. Also, this beach can be reached only by long walks.

5. Paradise Beach, Mykonos

Paradise Beach, Mykonos

If you are one for mingling with the crowd and thriving and jiving with a number of people then this is the best beach for you. This beach is by far one of the most crowded nudists’ beaches in Greece. It is known as the most happening place for partying. There is a campground where one can stay for long. This place is extremely popular with everyone. The Mykonos public transportation can take you to this beach.

6. Banana Beach, Skiathos

Banana Beach, Skiothos

Not only is the Banana Beach meant for nudists, it is also the place to go for windsurfing. There is also the smaller Spartacus Beach for the nudists. This beach is also frequented by gays. You can reach this beach by taking a bus.

7. Isolated Beach

At Isolated Beach, you do not need an officially recognition to go nude. Find any lonely stretch and enjoy going nude.

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