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5 must visit Caribbean beach resorts for families

September 26, 2011

Caribbean resort

Today, every individual is busy with workplace pressure to such an extent that, he or she does not get an opportunity to spend quality moments with his or her family. But, there is no need to lose hope since, you can spend quality time with your family members by opting for vacations. However, quite a number of questions arise in ones mind. How should you plan vacations with your family? What are the cool destinations which can be enable you to find some precious moments with your family and provide relief from your work pressures? We have the solution of your problem and will help you to plan a holiday on some of the most beautiful resorts of the world.

1. Beaches Negril Resort:

Negril Resort

This beautiful resort is situated in Jamaica where you can really enjoy with your family. The main attractions of this place are ‘Roaming Sesame Street Characters’. The resort provides something for all members in the families. Here, kids can take the joy of playing beach volleyball, participate in a fashion show, or else, can play other games. You can read books with Elmo and also join your kids in playing games.

If we talk about the rates, they charge $ 452 per adult and $105 per child a night, for a six-nights’ stay. They provide you with snacks, meals, drinks and other facilities in early December. You can also take the advantage 50 percent off by booking a stay of three nights or more through Dec. 26. So, plan your vacation here and enjoy the fullest with your family.

2. Club Med Punta Cana :

Punta Cana

The Club Med Punta Cana resort is located in Dominican Republic. This resort has an advantage as they offer daily supervision from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. for babies, as young as 4 months old in Baby Club Med. They also arrange for classes on parent and child movement. Your baby can also enjoy a baby-food buffet. There are some classes for the teens, where they can learn something like jewelry making and graffiti workshops without incurring any cost. This resort has a Teen Spa, where teenagers can take the pleasure of facials, manicures and pedicures.

They take $215 from a person per day, based on a seven-nights’ stay with gratuities and meals. For children aging 2-9 years, the cost is $65 per day and $108 for 10-17-year-olds.

3. Atlantis Resort:

Atlantic Resort

This resort is located in beautiful Bahamas. The main attraction of this resort is the Adventure Water Park. The resort has several attractions for young tourists. They can enjoy here in the rolling rapids and waves, ten family-friendly pools and a 141-acre water park with high-speed slides. There are many aquariums for children where they can closely watch the marine life. For their little guests, they have a children’s club with an extensive range of activities including like culinary lessons, computer lab and other facilities.

For staying in this beautiful resort you have to pay $455 a night for a room in the Beach Tower, placed near the water park.

4. Breezes Curaçao Resort:

Curacao Resort

The dream holiday destination, called Breezes Resort is located in Curaçao. The highlight of the resort is Circus Workshop. This can be a good option if you are planning a vacation with your little ones. There are numerous facilities which are available only for children and kids. Consequently, your child love this place. They have a 12,000 square-feet children’s center and there is a dedicated baby pool for the little ones. Your child can enjoy a swing from a flying trapeze, video arcade, rock climbing wall and inflatable sumo wrestling costumes. There is a spa for kids too, to make them relax after such hard core activities.

You can enjoy your stay here at $145 a person per night. Children can take the advantage of free stay from Dec 22 onwards, for three-nights.

5. Franklyn D. Resort & Spa:

Franklin resort

The exotic resort with spa called Franklyn D is located in Jamaica. It is also famous for dedicated ‘vacation nannies’. The resort provides its customers, with the facility of devoted nannies. They are recruited for the little guests to fulfill their requirements. Nannies take them to the playground, pool and children’s club every day. There is a provision for kids’ beach, along with a club, which remains open from 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Besides, there is a water slide named Big Blue. You kids can take part in many activities like photography, rap sessions and video games. For all these facilities, they charge $280 per adult a night; $40 per child and $80 for teens a night.

So, don’t miss the opportunity. Pick any one of them and make a plan to visit your dream destination with your family.

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