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5 best nude beaches in Cyprus

September 20, 2011

Nude beaches in Cyprus

Nude beaches are slowly getting popular all around the world. Here people get an opportunity to sunbathe and are legally at liberty to go nude. Although there are several nude beaches around the world, yet Cyprus is a favorite destination for nudists. Its stunning scenery combines sparkling waters and scintillating sunshine that makes it perfect for a clothes free holiday.

Check out these five nude beaches for some fun holiday.

1. Cape Gat/Greko

Cape Greko

This beach at the east end of island is a perfect place for naturists to visit. This nude beach offers a great environment and ambience, which allows naturists to explore the underwater scenery along with small cove for sunbathing and even privacy. The beach also has private sunbathing areas. Various local families throng here for swimming nude. Good snorkeling is also available here. This beach is located close to Ayia Napa.

2. Melissi Beach

Melissi Beach

East of Ayai Napa, Melissi beach is another favorite option for tourists. But this place is a little difficult to reach. One needs to leave the road just after the Melissi Beach restaurant and head uphill for a short while. There one would come across a blue flag beach which is accessible after a few steps. Now all you have to do is make a right and walk along the shelf of rocks. Due to lesser accessibility, this beach is majorly visited by nudist couples who find solace it the coves and perches at this rocky beach.

3. Governor’s Beach

Governor's beach

This was once the unofficial “official” nudist beach of Cyprus. It is one of the oldest nudist beaches on the island and is a must visit for naturists. The small areas of dark sand are alluring, although local gawkers can be annoying sometimes. The area around is expansive with beach lands mixed of pebbles and sand. Beautiful meadows make hiking fun. The beach’s clear blue Caribbean waters make this the nicest one on the island. The beach offers several social activities and also secluded settings.

4. Avdimou


This beach is a haven for naturists who find beauty and privacy in the rocks at this beach. This place has gained reputation for being the non-official nudist beach of Cyprus. As soon as you enter the beach area, a warning sign appears, cautioning naturists that naked bathing is illegal and that the beach is within the British Military base area and not Cypriot jurisdiction. Still people manage to find reasonably private corners at this beach. Barefooted people enjoy beach walk at this place.

5. Ag Georgios Coves

Ag Georgios Coves

The addition of ‘coves’ to the beach name clearly suggest that the beach is a hide-out for nudists and is frequented by naturists. This is a spectacular beach with easy directions to reach. The place has so many secluded areas that if appears to be virtually unoccupied even when a lot of naturists are buzzing around the place. Locals prefer that people don’t go off totally nude but aren’t frowned by others choices. Also the rocks and cliffs are a unique feature of this beach.

There are several other beaches like la turtle beach, the clean beach, latsi etc that are nude beaches. So, opt for Cyprus if you want to spend some moments in solitude in pure freedom.

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