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5 Beautiful Algarve beaches you wouldn’t want to miss

November 1, 2011

Arglave beaches

Are you tired of your daily schedules and do you want to have a break? If it is, then guys just get the tickets for the most beautiful destination in Europe. Step into the world of beaches in Arglave. It will heartily welcome you to its magical world. It is renowned to extend for an area of about 160 km. The most amazing news is that it receives sun rays for about three hundred days.

Here is the list of top 5 Arglave beaches:

1. Praia da Rocha Portimao

Praia da Rocha Portimao

This is the best tourist hotspot. It is located at the southern portion of the Arglave. This beach remains populated almost all the year round. The most exhilarating part is that you can rent the bed to lye out in the sun. There is no doubt that it could be a wonderful place for sun bathing and sun tanning. You will be glad to taste variety of sea fishes out here. You can also get a good number of pubs and restaurants within the domain of the beach. Today it is really popular among the youngsters as it provides good platform for late night parties. Even you can get more romantic when the cool winds of the sea touch your body. There is also good news for sport lovers that you all can enjoy scuba diving, boat riding, etc. So never miss a chance to be a part of this lovely beach.

2. Praia da Marinha, Lagoa

Praia da Marinha

Here you may catch glimpse of the magnificent dens in the coves. You can also hire the boat for touring the entire sea and take the snaps of the dark-colored cliffs surrounding you. The loveliest part is that the beach is dotted with yellow-colored sand. You will also feel delighted to watch the underwater marine life forms like blue green algae, lush corals. You can also witness motley-colored fishes moving in clans. This beach is one of the remarkable secluded beaches. It is the best place for those who want to spend some great time with beloved ones in the lap of nature. You can also indulge in various water sport activities like snorkeling, sea rafting, etc.

3. Illa da Barreta Faro

Illa da Barreta Faro

This is another famous beach, but is isolated from the main land. Its unbeatable beauty is really commendable. It harbors beautiful multi-colored birds, which have their nest nearby the sea. It is also surrounded by impenetrable dynamic greenery. Here you will also find some marshy lands. The geography of this place also describes the various types of sand dunes. All these beauty is accompanied by the serpent like lagoons. This beach is the best example of isolation. If you really want to get rid of all kinds of stresses in your life, then there is no other option than this. Whenever you visit please try out this place for sure.

4. Pria da Bordeira, Carrapeteria

Pria da Bordeira

This beach has an unmatched beauty compared to others. Once you step here, you will feel the exotic beauty of nature. The topography is really steep followed by serpent sand dune. The place is really very rugged devoid of any kinds of greenery. The beach features magnificent cliffs made of limestone. On the other hand, it is a good place for those who really want to indulge in water sports like sea surfing. You can also catch glimpse of the fishermen riding the tides of the rough sea. The most exciting part is that you can also spend some great hours in catching fishes. So, there is no doubt that it could be a nice destination for you and your partner.

5. Praia da Dona ana Lagos

Praia da Dona ana Lagos

This beach is ranked as the best among the scorers. The beach is pretty long covering more than two hundred kilometers. However, you can easily reach out here by bus. The beauty of the beach is unbeatable, as it comprises of the pristine untainted water accompanied by giant cliffs. The beach looks beautiful, as it is dotted with white sand that carpeted the beach. It is also renowned for its all round rocky formations. It is very populated and crowded mostly in the summer season. Thus, the beach is very organized and family oriented. Here you will get wide array of bars, restaurants, etc. Staying here will add compliment to your journey. Hence, it could be one more fabulous as well as romantic holiday destination.

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