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5 Best beaches in Tahiti

December 22, 2011

Tahiti is one of the largest islands of French Polynesia. The long coast with pristine beaches and beautiful sea makes it an extremely popular holiday and honeymoon destination. The waters in these beaches are crystal clear and neon blue making them look extremely picturesque. Another specialty of these beaches is the black sand. The beaches in Tahiti are great for scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming.

These beaches also have a number of glamorous resorts and expensive cruises making them number one choice for luxury holidays. The West Coast of Tahiti has lot of options for people looking for beach resorts. For those who are looking for public beaches too have number of options and it lies scattered between Mahana park and Punaaiuia.

Tahiti consists of a number of islands like the Moorae Island, Bora Bora which have some excellent beaches. Read on to know more about some of the popular Tahiti islands and beaches.

Tahiti's Best Beach

1. Moorea


Moorea is extremely popular among tourists not just for the beaches but for its scenic beauty with sparkling water, bright flowers and emerald green mountains. It is splendid and has both white and black sand beaches. The popular beach spots include Hauru Point, Temae Beach, Teavora Beach and Opunohu.

Activities: These beaches are great for family holidays and picnics. Swimming and snorkeling will be a great way to spend time.

Accommodation: A number of resorts are available here. For those who are on a budget holiday there are good public beaches too with home stays.

2. Bora Bora

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is the most popular destination of Tahiti. The specialty of this place is the lagoons and the tiny islets that surround them called ‘motus’. These tiny islets are in fact where Tahiti’s popular resorts are present.

Activities: Bora Bora has lot of white sand beaches. It is a great place to relax with picnic, good food, boat trips and also great for under water adventure like snorkeling. Some beaches also offer shark and sting ray feeding. Matrina Beach in Matrina Point is a must see.

Accommodation: One of the specialty of these resorts is the over water bungalow. They are great places to stay and spend a luxurious family vacation.

3. Tahiti


Beaches in Tahiti are famous for their black sand. Papenoo Beach with its black sand is favorite among surfers. The Plage de Toarato white sand beach is famous for snorkeling and dine inns.

Venus Point, a black sand beach is favorite among family tourists. The breath-taking beach with towering light house and park is a definite hit among kids. Pirae Beach is also worth a visit. Teahupoo Beach is a popular surfing spot. It is unique as the waves appear in the form of long tubes and are extremely dangerous for amateur surfers.

Accommodation: A number of beach resorts and public beaches are available here. One of the popular beaches which has luxurious Radissons resorts is the Lafayette Beach.

Activities: One can anjoy snorkeling, surfing, long walks and picnic in the park.

4. Taha’s


This a beautiful island and is famous for its motus and vanilla farms. These have some of the less explored white sand beaches of Tahiti.

Activities: A lot of resorts offer boat rides to isolated or deserted motus for snorkeling, shark feeding and picnic. A visit to the vanilla farms will also be a great way to spend time.

Accommodation: A number of luxury resorts are available. The water bungalows and budget hotels are also options that can be explored.

5. Tuamotus


The highlight of the beaches of this island is the coral reef. There is not much to see here apart from the coral and sandy beaches. Some of the popular beaches include Rangirao, Tikehau, Fakarava and Manihi. Rangirao is good for diving. Tikehau looks splendid with its pink sand and is popular for snorkeling.

Activities: Activities you can get involved in are snorkeling and diving.

Accommodation: Accomodation here is available in all ranges from high end luxury resorts and hotels to simple lodges and home stays.

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