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20 best beachwear to die for

November 21, 2011

The 20 Best Beachwear

Whether your legs take you to a local California beach or to some exquisite Miami beaches, you can’t start off the celebratory mood without getting hang of some of the best beachwear. While your beachwear should be comfy and stylish, they should also be something funky and distinguishable. After all, you don’t want to end up looking like a person standing next to you! From bikini to tank tops and from sandals to sunglasses, it is time to amaze others with a glamorous style statement. Cover all these beach-y stuffs to celebrate your fun around the shores!

1. Kew’s wearable casual

A stylish beach outfit that will perfectly go with your beach sandals and slinky sunglasses!

2. River Island’s swimsuit

Show off your curves with this stunning cut away ruched swimsuit.

3. Zooey’s funky tortoise shell frames

Give your eyes a new dimension with these super cool tortoise shell sunglasses by Zooey Deschanel

4. Paul Smith’s beach towel

For super-cool beach goers, Paul smith brings an exclusive, enormous stripped towel for all your family and friends.

5. Stylish trousers from YSL

Looking for something more fantabulous? Then, opt for these high-waisted trousers entirely made from crepe-wool to keep your warm and stylish all day long.

6. Toweling robe

A beach getaway without toweling robe isn’t something one can think of. So, we have this ultra-feminine, bath robe to slip in after a nice splash.

7. Navy beach bag

Coming from a classic French brand, Lacoste, this simple yet trendy navy beach bag will fit in all your beach essentials.

8. Hennes’ red deck shoes

Ditch your uncomfortable, non-beach footwear and try on this lovely pair of red deck shoes from Hennes. These shoes are best way to enjoy beach and its ecstasy.

9. Summery shorts

To exude masculinity through your shorts, look nowhere but at these timeless, peachy shorts. Choose either a golf shirt or a tank top; these shorts are not going to leave you unnoticed.

10. Pepe’s swimming trunks

Bring on some fun; relax composure to your style with these turquoise-checked swimming trunks by Pepe.

11. Ray-Ban sunglasses

This summer, it is time to show off your style statement with a popular, branded sunglasses and nothing can do best than these Ray-Ban sunglasses.

12. Marks & Spencer swimsuit

An uber-chic one shoulder swimsuit with an asymmetric cut will stand you out in the crowd.

13. Asos’s punky straw boater

Stay protected from the constant sun exposure during daytime at beach through this straw boater, which are equally trendy and protective.

14. Laura Ashley’s swimwear

Embrace a glamorous silhouette with a Laura Ashley’s polka dot swimsuit. This vintage inspired swimwear features halter neck and extensive detailing around the bodice.

15. Calvin Klein’s aviators

To induce more sex appeal to your eyes, we recommend this glossy pair of Calvin Klein’s aviators.

16. Classic flip flops

You cannot beat a classic pair of flip flops, especially when you are planning a beach vacation. So, be comfy with these pretty pair of flip flops by House of Fraser.

17. Damir Doma

An oversized black short is a must have beach wear essential if you want to sizzle girls on the beach.

18. Sarong

The sarong remains the must-have girl wardrobe favorite. To add more panache to your sexy curves, try on this chunky sarong with a cute bikini piece.

19. Brown’s beach shirt

You cannot stay shirtless all the time on the beach, so try on this preppy, oversized shirt with a good pair of denim shorts.

20. Illionaire’s eighties effect

Bring on the 80s effect to your slender figure with this tiny, high-waist peachy shorts. It promises an effortless chic appearance.

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