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15 reasons why you must hit Virginia Beach

September 22, 2011


Virginia is for lovers, couples, families and anyone who loves beauty, beaches and vacations! Every year thousands of people come to this place during summertime to have some memorable moments with the sea and the beaches. But if you are thinking of going to Virginia and wondering what you need to do apart from watching the sea, then here is a list of ten things you can do on the coasts of Virginia:

1. Watching the sunrise

Watching sunrise

If you are heading towards a coastal region, then the first thing you ought to do is to watch sunrise. In Virginia watching the sunrise is an experience that words cannot describe. The beauty of sun coming out of those sparkling waters is heartwarming. So, set your alarms for this one, because this is not something anyone in your family would want to miss.

2. Get stress free


Vacations are all about forgetting all your tensions and relaxing. Virginia is a good place to rejuvenate yourself. So, all the men and women out there, say goodbyes to stress and indulge in luxurious spas and comforting massages. Best for adults stuck in professional lives.

3. Ocean Breeze Waterpark

Ocean Breeze Waterpark

Although there is water, water everywhere, yet the excitement one gets while rolling down the water slides is ultimate and unique to the waterparks. So, visit Ocean Breeze waterpark for enjoying a ride through 16 waterslides along with runaway bay wave pool and water playground and several other attractions.

4. Look for dolphins


Dolphins are cute, mystical creatures that can sway your heart away. Hence, if you are visiting Virginia than don’t forget to take a boat trip in the sea and watch beautiful, enchanting dolphins. Do shake their hands when you meet them.

5. Virginia Aquarium and Science center

Virginia Aquarium and Science Center

A vacation is not only about enjoying, it is also about gaining. Therefore, visiting Virginia Aquarium and science center should be a crucial part of your visit as it will allow you and your family to learn more about animal habitats of the country along with a view of some of the most exotic water species of the world.

6. A sand castle

Build Sand castle

Yes, the best things in life don’t come with a tag on it. When you visit to Virginia with your family, don’t forget to build a dream home there – a sand castle that reflects the bond within your family. Grab a pail and shovel and get digging.

7. Go fishing


Let the father and son nurture an ever-lasting bond of friendship and mutual affection. If you are traveling to Virginia, make sure that you spend a day with your sun in the deep blue waters. Hire a charter boat, toss a hook and teach him how to fish!

8. Pick water sports

Pick Water sports

A beach holiday is incomplete without indulging in the stunning waters. So, pick a watersports and get all wet. Virginia offers a variety of sports activities like jet skiing, surfing, parasailing and dolphin cruises. So don’t wait, get wet!

9. Eat


Try new restaurants in the heart of Virginia. Make sure that you sample every savory dish of the state. Also have unforgettable dining experiences by visiting coastal cuisines in some of the best restaurants of this coastal state. Share your love for food with everyone.

10. Visit Historic sites

Historic sites

Visit historic sites like abram’s delight, African-American Heritage Museum and several historical societies. America’s national heritage is strongly reflected in the Virginia region.

11. Shop


When you are in Virginia, don’t forget to shop. Virginia is a great market for shopaholics with branded and street shops outside every locale, at every beach. So, if you are in Virginia, get great bargains and shop till you drop!

12. Visit to National Parks

National Parks

Visit national parks like Claude Moore Colonial National Park and Assateague Island National Seashore to get closer to the wildlife and exotic sea life of Virginia beach.

13. Golf in Virginia


Year around mild weather makes this place an ideal option for Golf. For men who look out for lazy Sunday morning with friends, golfing is a perfect activity at Virginia. There are several golfing deals, mini-golf clubs and training golfers available in the state.

14. The Arts

The arts

Virginia’s art is known around the globe and several organizations hold art and culture festivals. Make a point to visit art galleries and studios when you are Virginia for some artistic exposures.

15. Make memories

Make memories

Finally, when you go out for a vacation with your dear family, make memories. Have moments of affections, spill waters on each other, learn something new, feel good, click family portraits and enjoy every moment. Remember, vacations bring families together, envelops them into strong bond of love, care and affection. Therefore, when you visit Virginia, take advantage of your travel and connect with your loved ones.

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