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10 Unique beach houses from around the world

September 5, 2011

Ten unique beach houses

Most of us love spending time on beaches, enjoying nature’s beauty. There are few people who own a beach house that provides excellent views of the stunning beaches, beautiful sunrise and astonishing sunset. Mentioned below are ten unique beach houses you would love to live in. Check them out.

1. Eco-friendly beach house in Costa Rica

Eco-friendly Beach House in Costa Rica

An eco-friendly beach house surrounded by thriving nature provides excellent view of the sea and refreshing green nature outside. This beach house is located on top of a hill in Costa Rica. The main floor is used for research, yoga and training, meditation, etc. while upstairs is used by the director of the Institute. Many balconies, outdoor entertaining areas, and sliding glass walls are incorporated in the design to give an awesome look. This beach house is the brain child of Robles Arquitectos.

2. Turquoise beach house in Mexico

Turquoise Beach House in Mexico

The turquoise beach house is an amazing piece of architecture and is located in Mexico. The thick round house keeps the house warm and protects it from the winds. White sand, coconut trees, tropical grass, etc., surrounding the house ideally complements the architecture.

3. Wooden beach house

Wooden Beach House

This lovely beach house is designed by popular designers, Delphine Ding and Jose Ulloa Davet. It is located in Casablanca, Chile. The beach house sports exotic exterior design with maximum use of wood. The huge windows provide fantastic scenery.

4. Universe beach house in Mexico

Universe Beach House in Mexico

This amazing beach house on the Mexican coast is designed by Stefano Boeri and Gabriel Orozco. It is one of the most complex structures that define luxury as well as elegance. The loveliness of the shores complements the design.

5. T-Shaped beach house in New Zealand

T-Shaped Beach House in New Zealand

T-Shaped beach house is a perfect example of a beautiful minimalist home. It is located in New Zealand, close to Tatapouri Point. It is designed by Pete Bossley. It is a single storey house sporting T-shaped structure and two wings. It is a perfect place for the entire family to live in together. Excellent views of the sea are enjoyed from the house.

6. K House

K House

K House is a unique beach house that looks like a “K” letter. The house is designed by Australian Ashton Raggatt McDougall Architects. The bungalow sports a garage, deck for outdoor activities and open living room. It also has a sound proof theater room, bathrooms, two bedrooms, storage and basement. The modern home kitchen pantry, cupboards, floor to ceiling cabinet and large sliding doors completes the house.

7. Beach Bundeena Residence in Sydney

Beach Bundeena Residence in Sydney

The Beach Bundeena Residence is designed by Architects Tony Owen NDM and is located in Sydney, Australia. The beach house offers stunning views of Hastings Beach and Port Hacking. There are 15 different types of contemporary beach houses within the residence area. Each house has a unique design depending on its location.

8. Contemporary beach house at Laguna Beach

Contemporary Beach House at Laguna Beach

This marvelous contemporary beach house is located in Laguna Beach in California. The house sports huge glass walls that provide panoramic views of azure Laguna Beach. The house is designed as a best place for entertaining, living and relaxing. The house is four bedrooms property and has five bathrooms. It is designed to capture maximum views of Pacific views as possible. Other than the bedrooms and bathrooms, the house has gourmet kitchen, meditation area, an office, family room and game room. The beach house also has an indoor fire place.

9. White beach home in Dominican Republic

White Beach Home in Dominican Republic

The futuristic white beach house is located in Dominican Republic and is designed by A-cero studio. The house boosts a futuristic shape and unique concept. It is the perfect place to spend quality time with your near and dear ones. The ceilings and curved walls resemble to skate park or Notre Dame du Haut. Also, light is reflected from the curved surfaces. The interiors are done is cream tones.

10. Marcus beach house in Queensland

Marcus Beach House in Queensland

The beautiful Marcus beach house is located in Queensland, Australia, and is designed by Robinson Architects. The flooring and exterior of the home is done in wood, thus giving a natural impression to the beach house. Numerous ventilation and tall windows minimize the use of artificial lighting. It is perfect retirement home for spending a comfortable life enjoying the beautiful views of the beach.

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