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10 Most popular Villasimius beaches

November 4, 2011

Villasimius beaches

Villasimius lies around the east of Cagliari on the southern coast of Sardinia. It borders along the Sardinian municipalities of the Maracalagonis region. Villasimius is known as the tourist town and it boasts a variety of beaches that attract travelers from all across the globe. The beaches endow this region with a paradise like essence marked by the transparency and crystalline range of water colors varying from turquoise to blue. Some famous beaches here include:

1. Porto Giunco Beach

Porto Giunco Beach

This beach lies in Capo Carbonara’s south-east side, under the Porto Giunco tower and stretches along the Simius beach. This beach is also referred to as the beach of two seas because Notteri which is the big pool, lies right behind it. Porto Giunco is wide and long and continues to take the form of Simius Beach which has similar characteristics. There are two creeks at the tower’s base which remain protected by the vegetation and rocks from strong wind currents. The white sand and blue waters merge to produce the perfect beauty.

On the shore, the color of sand is mostly pink because of the eroded granite present by the sea. The color varies from light to pale pink shade. The limpidity of water makes every bit visible for watchers.

2. Porto Sa Ruxi

Porto Sa Ruxi

This beach presents itself on the very entrance of Villasimius Cagliari’s coastal road. The granite cliffs, sand dunes and the Mediterranean vegetation are certain natural attractions to look out for. This beach has a shelter facility from the strong mistrals. The clear blue water is perfect for snorkeling and has so much to observe.

3. Campus

Campus Beach

The long stretch of white sand and blinding lights are elements that define the Campus beach. The water is transparent ranging from the shade of turquoise to dark blue. This place is perfect for a luxurious pedal boat or canoe ride.

4. Campu Longu

Campu Longu

This resort falls in between the Campus and Rice beach, in the form of a narrow long strip of white sand that ranges across half a kilometer, surrounded by many hotels and residential complexes. The vegetation marks a kind of isolation that most visitors are attracted to. From sunbathing on the rocks to picnicking, there is just so much to do here.

5. Rice Beach

Rice Beach

The name of this beach is primarily based on the composition of coarse sand which is white in color and appears similar to a rice grain. The Rice beach has lost its vastness and is now smaller in size because of the changing ocean currents that are a product of marine expansion. The water of this beach is clear and extremely spectacular making everything clearly visible from the monument museum Forteza which is close to it and definitely deserves to be given a visit.

6. Simius Beach

Simius Beach

This place is popular as Villasimius’s beach town which is right in front of the town. This beach stretches along many kilometers and joins the Timi Ama and Notteri pond with Porto Luna. Those who like taking long beach walks with esaily accessible amenities close at hand can readily visit this region. The urbanization of this region has yet not touched Simius with clean waters and white fine sand. Some beach amenities are exclusively reserved for residential clients.

7. Timi Ama Beach

Timi Ama Beach

Simius beach naturally continues to form the Timi Ama beach which is only seperated by rocks that cross the short distance. Timi Ama also has the same characteristics of clean white sand and beautiful sights.

8. Rush Beach

Rush Beach

This long and deep beach with white fine sand is lapped with clear turquoise water and is a perfect place to spend the hottest hours of the day because of the cool and clear water. The central part of this beach dries up during summers and the white sand hence covers vast expanses of the area. There a two little coves that are made out of rock and vegetation. The sand’s edge is pink because of the granite that is eroded by the waters. The tower view is also astonishing and is a part of unforgettable sights that one must experience here.

9. Punta Molentis Beach

Punta Molentis Beach

This beach is characterized by the sand which is all white and the lapping crystal clear sea with shades of green and blue. The large granite boulders surrounding this beach give it a gigantic and wild appearance. The vegetation here is bushy and has Mediterranean characteristics. The beauty and uniqueness of this region makes it one of the most photographed areas of Sardinia particularly for commercial reasons. Snorkeling is a popular activity here because of the underwater landscape that is very magnetic.

10. Cala Tramatzu Beach

Cala Tramatzu Beach

This beach is wild and unexplored with a fascinating appeal. The volcanic rocks here mark its primary characteristics. This definitely is the best snorkeling spot with secluded snorkeling zones that add to the solitary fun.

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