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10 Fun things to do on your Kewarra beach trip

November 5, 2011

Fun things to do on Kewarra beach

Kewarra beach is situated in Australia.Most beautiful place to watch.It will be a visual treat for the visitors at kewarra beach.Australia is most attractive part of the world,especially the beaches.Ambiance here takes the visitors into enjoyable mood. It is located in the tropical northern side of Queensland.Tourism is developing more and more .It has become the tourist the major spot.All the leading hotels and resorts of Australia are found here.All of these hotels provide good accommodation and marvelous sea food. There are many beautiful places surrounding the beach. This place is really impeccable . There are many resorts-inn and hotels with spacious suites and much flexible facilities.It is a really good choice to opt kewarra beach if your are going on a holiday,you can really have a good time .

1. Palm Cove

Palm Cove

There are some places ,which are really very beautiful formed naturally not man made.Palm Cove is one oh those places. It is known as “Mirror of Paradise”. It is 2.78 miles away from Kewarra beach city center. It is a beach side community with full of fun activities.You can get accommodation from all the major hotels and resorts residing there. It nearly takes 2 to 3 weeks to consume it completely. You can find Holiday Apartments for accommodation.

2. Tjapukai cultural park

Tjapukai cultural park

The word ‘Tjapukai’ means rain forest which is linked to their aborigines. It is situated 3.23 miles from Kewarra beach city center. It helps you to know about the culture and customs of their tribal aborigines. It covers an area of 25 acres .

It is a place to be visited by every one. It entertains people irrespective of their age groups. It has a theater with latest technology which provides a everlasting experience. It plays a 20 minute movie which explains everything about that place from ancient days to till present day. At that park there are many events to participate and many places to visit.You can have good accommodation in the of hotels and resorts where rooms are pretty good and can view entire city.

3. Cairns Tropical Zoo

Cairns Tropical Zoo

It is taken care by Cairns Regional Gallery. It is one of the finest heritage buildings. It is occupied by Public Office Building. It is a two-storey building with red and brown brick. It resembles Government Buildings in Queensland. It is 3.36 miles away from Kewarra Beach city center.

Ground floor is raised to fight against floods. It includes overhanging of eaves to provide shade along with specific design elements. Interior of the building is designed with timber so as to protect it from damage when ever the temperature raises.

4. Yorkeys Knob

Yorkeys Knob

It is one of the best beach suburbs of Cairns. It includes all facilities along with two beach suburbs of Machans beach and Holloway beach. It is 3.46 miles away from Kewarry beach city center. There are many super markets, shopping malls, bottle shop, bakery, etc for your shopping requirements. It has a swimming pool which gives us a good experience. Its main course is sand which is driven by heavy rains. You can experience kite surfing ad wind surfing as well.

5. Kuranda Koala Gardens

Kuranda Koala Gardens

Kuranda Koala Gardens is mainly to enjoy watching rare species of Australian wild life. They mostly concentrate on Koalas doing their best. you can find snakes, crocodiles, Wombats, Lizards, Reptiles, Fresh water crocodiles, etc.

It is located 3.73 miles from Kewarra beach city center. All these species are part of Eco-System. you can get valuable information regarding these rare species. It contains swamp trees and centenary lakes which gives attraction to the garden. It is bright with colorful yellow flowers. It also contains tall Pandanus. You can see some typical plants which grow in these wetland swamps like Alexander Palms and Calamus Australis.

It is 9.10 miles from Kewarra beach city center. It is situated to the northern side of Queens land.

6. Royal Flying Doctor

Royal Flying Doctor

It is related to social service. It is an on air ambulance.A worth visiting organization.it is similar to 911 servicel. It is an emergency and health care service . It is mainly used in inland areas of Australia. It is 8.83 miles away from Kewarra beach city center.

7. Crystals Cascades

Crystals Cascades

It is located to northern side of Queensland. It consists of small swimming pools and waterfalls later combines with other water fall to form to a larger one . It is 12.11 miles away from Kewarra beach city center.very beautiful place to watch.

8. Cairns Museum

Cairns Museum

It is located on the lake street the Arts Building. It has number of collections of the ancient ornaments. It has a good collection of ornaments, gifts. It is 11.29 miles from Kewarra beach city center.

9. Cazaly’s Stadium

Cazaly’s Stadium

It is known as Bundaberg Stadium. It is a sports stadium named after legend Roy Cazaly. It is the largest Oval Stadium in Cairns and is used by the Queensland Cricket Association. It is 11.25 miles from Kewarra beach city center.

10. Flecker Botanic Gardens

Flecker Botanic Gardens

It is famous for pandanus. It contains trees with red barks and bright flowers in yellow color. It is famous for tall trees. It is 9.10 miles away from kewarra beach city center. It has Alexander palms, Long lived paper barks, mangrove ferns.

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