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10 Best cheap beach vacations in world

December 2, 2011

Beautiful sandy beaches have always been able to attract travelers of all the ages from across the world. There are many reasons behind the increasing popularity of Beach Tourism. Some people love to spend their holidays in calm and pleasant weather which is different from normal day to day life and have the elements to refresh minds. On the other hand, some other love to have fun and experience adventure on their holidays. Beach Holidays are ideal to fulfill the desires of both, who love to enjoy adventures along with those who love to spend time in serenity. There are a number of beaches which have been popular among tourists and offer memorable holidays in a conventional budget.

Beach Vacation

Let’s discuss about some of the most popular and best beaches that comes within a budget.

1. Miami beach: Miami is a beautiful tourist place which is located in Florida, United States. Because of its uniqueness and amazing nature Miami has been able to be one of the most preferred tourist destinations for recreation. The beach offers number of opportunities to play water sports in the great Atlantic.

2. Phi phi islands, thailand: Phi phi Islands are the most popular and the most visited islands of Thailand. The Phi phi Islands are a group of small and unique islands which are ideal for recreations.

3. Dominican republic, caribbean: Dominican Republic is one of the top choices of visitors for relaxation. Along with water sports Dominican Republic provides cable car ride and affordable accommodations to its visitors.

4. Copacabana beach, brazil: Copacabana Beach, which is located in the southern zone of the city Rio de Janeiro of Brazil, is one of the most famous beaches that come in a budget. Surrounded by beautiful blue waters and white sands, this beach offers full of fun moments to its visitors.

5. Cancun, mexico: Cancun beach of Mexico offers many opportunities to explore unending fun with your family and friends. This beach is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, fishing and riding horses. It also has many restaurants that allow you to taste delicious food while relaxing under the hot sun.

6. Cannon beach, oregon: Cannon Beach can be reached in 90 minutes drive from Portland. The beautiful beach offers fun activities with huge options for tasty foods. One of the most significant characteristics of this beach is that it provides food and fun in affordable costs.

7. Bali, indonesia: There are a number of beautiful shorelines to explore on the beach of Bali. Beautiful white beach of Bali is suitable not only for adventurous activities but is also an ideal place for relaxation.

8. Huntington beach, california: Huntington Beach of California is a very beautiful tourist destination surrounded by calm and blue water. Many people from all over the world come to visit and enjoy recreation in this beach.

9. Koh Samui, thailand: Koh Samui is a family friendly beach which has been able to attract many tourists from all over the world in recent days. This beach is ideal for fishing and swimming. You can also relax in the shadow of a coconut tree in this beach.

10. Tulum, mexico: Tulum beach of Mexico is blessed with peaceful sun and calm nature. The crystal clear water of Caribbean Sea offers numerous water sports which are ideal to enjoy during holidays.

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