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10 Charming Orange County beaches to leave you spellbound

October 27, 2011

Ornage Country beach

The greatest beaches are normally the most exceptional as well as the favorable destinations in the world. You must choose some Orange Country beaches to have an unforgettable vacation. It is the most renowned place where you can cherish. The best time to visit Orange Country beach escapes is September or October.

It is the most exciting season if you visit during this time. Now, let’s move to the ten best beaches in Orange Country.

1. Balboa island

It is the most marvelous beach in Orange Country. You can reach this delightful man-made island by road or by a ferry boat. Here you could do a lot of shopping and many popular restaurants are there as well. In fact, these are the main attractive parts of the precise beach. Hence you could have a nice time if you come here with your family and friends.

2. Corona Del Mar

The Corona Del Mar is the perfect place to spend a vacation. It is the most charming part of the Orange Country. You should not miss the surprising vision the precise sea beach. It is almost surrounded by complete lava-layered cliffs and roofed by a sprinkling of towns. You can view clear sunset from the Oia village, which is located on the northern tip of the particular beach.

3. Dana point

You can experience marvelous sea escapes, with bay stretching east and green fields ending where cliffs fall into the sea. You can find plenty of accommodations in villages and farm. The most attractive spot is the tiny hamlet of Elantxobe, which has colorful houses. You can find cultural festivals everywhere like the annual San Sebastian Jazz Festival and International Film Festival.

4. Laguna beach

Laguna beach is the most varied, dramatic, and beautiful island in the Mediterranean. It has gleaming beaches and bays and covered with mountain peaks. The forest is entirely covered by oak, pine, and chestnut. The best feature of this is the horse shoe bay of Rondinara and tree-bordered Palombaggia. Lavezzi, the largest island is popular for its deserted beaches, natural pools and swimming holes.

5. Huntington Beach

It is surrounded by high mountains, covered with lush forests and has plenty of beaches and islands. The Hunting on beach is an inland to one of the five top beaches in Orange Country. You can enjoy here by residing near a beach resort. You can also cherish the shade of pine trees and a sandy sensation with shallow water on the Paradise Beach on Rab Island.

6. Newport beach

Newport beach is one of the most wonderful beaches in the world. It is a mind-blowing and a dream location that can easily become true after you have visited. Cliffs terraced with aromatic lemon orchards steep down into glittering seas; sherbet-hued villas clutch insecurely to intolerant slopes while sea and sky merge into one massive blue horizon. You can visit the most expensive town and do photography in Positano.

7. San clemente

You can get here the charming as well as wonderful beach. It is also known as the Queen beach in Orange Country. You can view marvelous sceneries at the coastal roads between the Calafia Beach Park and Street Beach. The sandy beach offers perfect view of the entire town, which is located beyond the port. There are also the fragrant streets and the mild sea sides.

8. Seal beach

The Seal Beach of Orange Country is the second largest of the Orange Country. It has many beautiful seasides and family resorts at the southern shoreline. There are large number of tourist information offices that give current information about local Orange Country beaches, local events, festivals, tourist attraction and sightseeing. The north coast is uneven and rocky with small and scenic bays.

9. Sunset beach

It is a very charming and mysterious place and wonderful mixture of hills and forest. The smell of pine will convey a strange quality to your hammock time. Everywhere you visit, you will feel the real pleasure of life. The history is connected with myths and legends. You can see the beautiful sun setting from the top of the dunes.

10. Surfside

There are two beach escapes just one hour away from the Orange Country where the weather is like Mediterranean. An hour’s train ride to the east of Orange Court leads to the Victorian coastline town and an hour’s train ride to the south of Orange Country leads to Brighton. In fact, it is regarded as the paradise beach in the world. So, you should not miss the chance to visit the beach.

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