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10 Caribbean beaches in St Kitts Nevis you wouldn’t want to miss

October 22, 2011

Beautiful by The Beach

The many sun-kissed beaches lying along the tropical islands of St Kitts and Nevis are as diverse, as they are beautiful. Moving across the islands, their soft sweeps of sand change color from black to beautiful gray, to silver, and shining gold.

Lapped along their eastern shores by the rolling Atlantic ocean, and fronted to their westward slopes by the Caribbean sea, the beautiful beaches of St Kitts and Nevis make for a picture-perfect holiday with their sunny skies, warm shallow waters, and lush-green coconut palms.

1. Pinney’s beach

Pinney's Beach

Stretching for some four sunny miles along the coast of Nevis, Pinney’s Beach is among the most famed in the region. Perfect for swimming and surfing, Pinney’s is also known for beach bars set stunning amid powdery sands and softly swaying coconut trees. Visitors can splash out at the Golden Rock Beach and the luxurious Four Seasons Resort, grab cocktails at the Double Deuce, or tuck into some succulent lobster and shrimp at the nearby Sunshine’s Beach Bar and Grill.

2. Frigate Bay South

Sunset at Frigate Bay South

Lining the Caribbean shores of St. Kitts, lies Frigate Bay South with its shimmering waters, summery-perfect for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, wind-surfing and water-skiing. Enjoy the evening at Frigate Bay South, St. Kitts’ most popular beach, by slipping into one of the many seaside bars and restaurants, including at Sunset Cafe, Dolce Cabana, Timothy Beach Hotel, Mr X Shiggidy Shack Bar and Grill and the Monkey Bar, where the party stretches into the night to the beats of some wild Caribbean music.

3. Oualie beach

Oualie Beach

On the island of Nevis, along its north-western coasts, is Oualie Beach with its stretches of Caribbean sand, sheltered by beautiful coves. Visit Oualie Beach for its wide variety of water sports, including diving and snorkeling, or check out some stunning marine-life at the nearby Sealife Education Centre, with an evening after sunset rocking to live music at the Oualie Beach Hotel and Resort.

4. South Friar’s bay

Friar's Bay

Favored by the locals, the Friar’s Bay beach, situated to the Caribbean side of St. Kitts, makes for a sunny family holiday. Lounge in the sun at South Friar’s, take a dip in the Caribbean, or slip into the calm waters for a bit of snorkeling. Among the bars lining the picnic-and-party beach are Godfather’s, Sunset, and the Shipwreck Beach Bars.

5. Cades bay

Cades Bay

Sandwiched between Pinney’s and Oualie at Nevis, Cades Bay is great for swimming in the often-placid seas, and walking along its long sandy stretches. Entertain yourself with sea-facing hotel-stays at the Cades Bay Inn with sumptuous seafood and live music, or catch yourself a horseback ride to explore the many wonders on Nevis, including its nearby historical ruins, abandoned sugar plantations, mountainous rain-forests.

6. White house bay

White House Bay

The White House Bay, some two miles from South Friar’s, is a snorkeler’s paradise with its many underwater reefs, and schools of many-colored fish. With a decent small-boat anchorage, the White House Bay also offers divers a chance to explore some of the many maritime wrecks in the surrounding waters, including one of the half-exposed wrecks of a British vessel sunk in the 1780s.

7. Majors bay

Majors Bay

For a spot of fishing, head for Major’s Bay at St. Kitts. Secluded, with a long sandy beach lapped gentle by calm waters, Majors Bay has a good catch of shellfish and fin-fish for those inclined to carry along their fishing rods. For food, fun and Caribbean cocktails, as also for specially-mixed sun-downers, try the Major’s Bay Beach Bar.

8. Banana bay

Banana Bay

Banana Bay, sprawling in secluded splendor toward the south-eastern extreme of St. Kitts, makes for a tranquil romantic getaway, with its powdery-soft sands and tall coconut trees. Restaurants and bars could be a good mile away from Banana Bay, so beach-combers are best advised to pack their own picnic goodies and beach-side coolers for the day.

9. Cockleshell bay

Cockleshell Bay

Close to Banana Bay, and as secluded, with a fabulous beach dusted fine by champagne-colored sand, is Cockleshell Bay. With scenic inlets and beautiful coves set against the backdrop of verdant green hills, Cockleshell makes for a great beach for swimmers and picnic-lovers. The nearby Lion Rock Beach Bar takes care of the hungry and the thirsty to Cockleshell Bay.

10. Pump bay

Pump Bay

Lying along the south-western coast of St. Kitts at Sandy Point, Pump Bay is a shiny, black sand beach that is picture-perfect for beginners looking to jump-start their diving and snorkeling skills. Huddled against the magnificence of the mighty Brimstone Hill Fortress, Pump Bay is a popular getaway for the locals, with its intriguing black volcanic sands.

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