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10 Beautiful Italian beaches making your visit unforgettable

September 27, 2011

Best beaches in Italy

The eye-catching country of Italy is renowned for its acceptance of things pleasing to the senses. It is famous for its pasta and pizza, fine art, great wine, the Roman Empire, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and as much as any of these, its beautiful beaches. The south of Italy is surrounded by water on all three sides, giving rise to the Italian Peninsula. In addition Sicily and Sardinia are the two largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea being a part of it. It is therefore no surprise that Italy with its long Mediterranean coastline is filled with beautiful beaches each having it’s own particular charm.

Here both local families as well as visitors can spend time basking in the sun, swimming, snorkeling, scuba divine, taking a walk on the beautiful sandy beaches or simply doing nothing at all. So if you were in Italy in a summer afternoon, wondering where all the Italians had disappeared to, don’t think too far. They’d have probably headed to the beach which may be any of the listed below:

1. Marina Piccola

Marina Piccola

The bay of Marina Piccola is situated on the south side of the island of Capri. It is fifteen minutes away from the Piazzetta. One can reach this beach by bus, taxi or via foot along. After reaching the square, where the bus and taxi stands are situated, visitors only need to move down, using the steps. After moving down couple of steps they would reach the famous St Andrea Church. You need to move down further, where you would arrive at the Scoglio Delle Sirene which divides this single bay into two distinct ones; to the right would be Marina di Mulo and to the left would be Marina di Pennauro. The bay is an extremely up-to-the-minute area. It has many bathing establishments and snack bars. During summers you enjoy the small boat ride between the Faraglioni Rocks and Scoglio Delle Sirene.

2. Capalbio Beaches

Capalbio Beaches

The coast of Capalbio is about 12 kms long. It extends from the border of Orbetello, to the end of Tuscany. In this stretch there are many secluded and stunning beaches waiting to be discovered. All the Capalbio beaches are distinct, as they are defined by coastline dunes and calm water. During summer time, there is nothing more peaceful than having a good 35 – 40 minutes walk on the beach.

3. Lido di Ostia

Lido di Ostia

Ostia is in Lazio, Italy. It is extremely close to the Rome’s major airport. Ostia is a residential area, Capital’s beach and well known tourist port which is not far away from Rome. At Lido di Ostia, the ambience is electric; the beach is full of deck chairs and sun beds. These chairs and sun beds are utilized by a huge crowd, who visit the beach in summer. Against the backdrop of the famous pine wood, there are many good restaurants and bathing establishments.

4. Punto Del Capo

Punto Del Capo

Majority of the beaches in the Sorrentos city are small. Punto Del Capo beach is situated towards the Western end of the city. This is the best beach in the whole of Sorrentos. This beach is easily accessible.

5. Maronti Beach

Maronti Beach

Maronti beach is the largest beach on the Ischia Island. The eastern end of this beach is very inviting as it has many beach cafes, rental cottages and one can also undertake surfing on this end of the beach. The total length of this beach is 3kms and it is filled with thermal springs and natural spas.

6. Moneglia Beaches

Moneglia Beaches

Mongelia beaches are small and affluent. The beach is very beautiful, it has an attractive palm lined connecting road and excellent restaurants. Moneglia beaches are safe for kids and neophyte swimmers because of the breakwater, which in turn makes the beach shallow. In this beach majority of the space is occupied by the pay parasols; however there is always some vacant place for a towel and a beautiful body.

7. Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi coast is a beautiful coast, jammed between the spectacular skies and blue sea. The coast has a string of beautiful small towns. Amalfi Coast has a landscape which is full of lush green flora and remarkable rock formations. This place is a popular holiday destination; it has crystal clear waters and sandy beaches.

8. Lido Beach

Lido Beach

Lido beach is situated in the magical city of Venice. The beach is considered as one of the best beaches across Italy. The beach is off the Adriatic Sea, it has many hotels, bars and restaurants. The beach is easily accessible and one can sit for hours on this golden beach, relaxing the breezy summers.

9. Pevero Beach

Pevero Beach

Pevero beach is located 3 kms from Porto Cervo. It is one of the most popular and serene beaches on the emerald coast. The beach is blessed with beautiful clear water and fine white sand. The sea bed is not too deep, hence it is a must visit for families and children.

10. Fontane Bianche

Fontane Bianche

At Fontane Bianche, the beach has a hilly and mountainous environment. The beach is characterized with a crystal clear water and fine white sand. The beach is not too long in fact it is narrow. It is an amazing place to relax and leave the real world behind.

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