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10 Beautiful Indonesian beaches to mesmerize beach lovers

October 20, 2011

Beaches in Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world consisting of more than 16,000 islands. Needless to say that it hosts the maximum number of beaches in the world and all of them are wonderful and beautiful. However, there are some that stand apart in mysticism, romance and beauty. Here are ten such mesmerizing beaches of Indonesia.

1. Mawun Beach, West Nusa Tenggara :

Mawan Beach, West Nusa Tenggara

Mawun beach, with its serene settings and gentle waves, must be visited by anyone seeking solitude and peace. Wedged between hills, the beach is a home to shady groves, where you can just lie back and relax. It is also a photographer’s delight with green hills, white sands, black rocks and blue waters. The hill lends itself to some trekking adventures for the enthusiasts. Sunbathing, dipping in the sea and floating about in the waters are lovely activities to be pursued on this beach.

2. Banda Island Beach, Maluku

Banda Island Beach, Maluku

A lot of spices and stories surround the magical Spice Islands, that lie in the Maluku province of eastern Indonesia. The place has a rich history, some of which is highly tragic and has been visited by the Portuguese, English and Dutch. The hill, shown in the image, is an active volcano, Banda Api. Boating facilities are available in the genteel waters.

3. Ambon Island Beach

Ambon Island beach

This attractive and mountainous beach is also a part of the Maluku islands. The open and warm sands are inviting. The placid waters make this beach an inviting place for family trips. October and April are the ideal months to visit this place when the weather is dry.

4. Makassars Beach

Makassars Beach

This is the capital and the largest city of the South Sulawesi island and therefore, the beach is always crowded. Despite the crowd, this beach is an excellent picnic spot for families and the sea is also clean and beautiful for a swim. There are all the modern amenities available and the facilities on the beach have made it very famous.

5. Manado Beach

Manado Beach

From the South, we move to the capital city of the North Sulawesi island. This is crowded, but its beauty during the sunrise and sunset is breathtaking. A beach bay, with a lot of boats dotting the waterscape, makes it a virtual heaven for photography. The local animals and tarsiers make this place well known among the tourists. So, if you love animals, Manado beach is sure to impress you.

6. Balikpapan Beach

Balikpapan Beach

Along the eastern coast of Borneo island, lies this idyllic and breezy beach. You can reach this place by road, air and boat. Once you reach here, the feelings of calmness and peace overwhelm your mind. Experience Mother Nature at her best here! This beach is just one among many such beaches, that are clustered along this island.

7. Kep, Lombok Timur

Kep, Lombok Timor

Rugged nature and tranquility are the terms that aptly describe this place. It is largely untouched and is the dream of many tourists. The whole island of Lombok was formed by an active volcano and a visit to this beach gives everybody a chance to see some smoke billowing from the volcano’s mouth.

8. Gangga Island Beach

Gangaa Island beach

This is one of the best places for diving underwater, be it snorkeling or scuba diving. It houses an excellent resort and spa. The diving sites, Lembeh and Bunaken are also located nearby. There are beachfront bungalows surrounded by palms and tropical paradise gardens. The beaches are impeccably clean and lovely. The resort features almost everything, you can ever dream of!

9. Sempu Island Beach

Sempu Island Beach

Sempu island is a natural paradise with more than 80 species of birds and animals, making it their habitat. The waters are inviting and seem to present an ethereal scene,. The rain forests, that abound on this island are close to the beach and present a wonderful trekking opportunity.

10. Lovina Beach


Lovina beach is a shining gem located in Bali. Snorkeling and diving opportunities abound here. Besides, schools of dolphins often make their appearance here, jumping and prancing out of the water. You may even be lucky and spot a turtle or whale. Motorboat rides in the midst of the most scenic settings make the visit to this beach, a truly unforgettable experience!

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