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10 Beautiful beaches of Kauai for a fun-filled vacation

November 1, 2011

Kauai beaches

Kauai is one among four main islands present in Hawaii namely Oahu, the big island, and Maui. Every island has its own advantages, but still, Kauai stands out since it is a place wherein you can enjoy unspoiled beaches with activities such as snorkeling and surfing. Moreover, this island is not crowded generally. Kauai is not developed and so has two high volcanic peaks alone that steep down to the beaches. Mount Waialeale is said to be the wettest place on earth and second highest mountain present here.

Kauai beaches are specially known for their scenic beauty and quietude ocean. Kauai has more reefs. This enables snorkeling to be carried out here with ease. There is white sand covering across 50 miles around Kauai and so many beaches present in Kauai are appropriate places to spend time alone.

1. Anini beach park

Anini beach park

It is a place present in the north shore area and has miles of white sand spread everywhere. Snorkeling can be done here since this place has the quiet lagoon that is created by the reef and is considered the best place for beginner of snorkeling activity, but still, on the downside, there are no lifeguards to protect people from getting caught in the seawaves.

2. Hanalei bay beach park

Hanalei bay beach park

It is present on the east side of Princeville in Hanlei Town. This beach is curved a bay in nature and is pretty well known for its beauty of the Hanalei pier. Lifeguards are available here. People who visit this beach have to note down a point that this beach is a place wherein strong currents may be present and so it is best to note the warning signs kept there.

3. Kee beach

Kee beach

This one is located at the very end of the Highway 560 and the reefs present here make this place a great shoreline for snorkeling activity. Kee beach is also a perfect place for taking sun bath. Lifeguards are present here on duty. You can find the trailhead for the Kalalau trail of the Napali coast.

4. Lumahai beach

Lumahai beach

This is considered being one of the most beautiful beaches present on the island. It is a wide sandy place. There is no lifeguard present here and the place is full of strong currents always and so it is strongly not recommended to swim here. This place is where the film “South Pacific” was shot.

5. Lydgate beach park

Lydgate beach park

It is a east side shore beach which is sheltered from the ocean by a lava rock wall and the snorkeling place at Lydgate is very famous among the kids. Picnic grounds, restrooms are present here. Lifeguards are also available at this particular beach to protect people. It is best known for the remarkable cliffs, rain forests and canyons, but still it is also famous for beaches too.

6. Kalapaki beach

Kalapaki beach

This is said to be a favorite place to watch Kauai surfers surf through the tides of the ocean. It offers calm waters for the children and also is present in front of the Marriott Kauai’s beach club. A pavilion and restrooms are also available here. The beach presents a backdrop of mountains and jungles.

7. Kealia beach

Kealia beach

This is a golden beach that is present for half a mile stretch near the Highway 56. This beach has a sand bar bottom which is pretty long and offers great surf break too. Lifeguards are present here to safeguard the visitors but still the visitors are requested to swim only near the north end and not anywhere else, since a breakwater in that place creates a protected and safe area.

8. Poipu beach park

Poipu beach park

It is a beach with clear water surface wherein you can also get to see some Hawaiian monk seal appearances once in sometime. This beach is one among the most famous beaches of Kauai. Showers, pavilions and picnic facilities make this place a wonderful beach for the family to enjoy their stay at the south shore especially.

9. Salt pond beach park

Salt pond beach park

It is situated very near to Hanapepe on the west side. This place is said to be a wonderful spot to swim, sunbath, and relax altogether. Lifeguard facility is available here in salt pond beach park. The Hawaiian families have created natural sea salt in the sald pond beach park for generations together.

10. Kekaha beach

Kekaha beach

This is a beach which is very sandy in nature. It is indeed very long too. This place is said to be perfect for taking sunbath. Kekaha beach is a surf place in the local town, but still please is noted that this place too has strong currents and so try to more precautious while you opt to swim here. You can also opt to inquire the lifeguard about the terms and rules to be followed.

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