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10 beach essentials for a wonderful day at the beach

October 3, 2011

Beach essentialsGoing out for a day at the beach? Don’t forget the below mentioned essentials to make your beach trip an absolute delight! These essentials will help you enjoy a perfectly fabulous and relaxing day complete with skin protection and huge fun. Bundle up your family in the car or round up some friends and head out for a memorable beach day.

1. A huge beach bag

Beach BagAn over-size beach bag never hurts anyone. If anything, it only comes in handy. Choose a big enough bag that can fit in at least 4 large towels and has number of pockets for other little stuff. Most importantly, make sure it is sturdy and can endure all the hauling throughout the day. Also, it should be easy to clean once your day at the beach has ended because lets face it, we love the beach but don’t want to bring it in our living room! Check out the websites to purchase your own beach bag.

2. An amazing bathing suit

SwimsuitIf you are at the beach, then you have to look fabulous. The perfect swimsuit is the way to go. Make sure that it is made out of comfortable fabric and that you are comfortable wearing it. Choose a bathing suit that will flatter your body type so that you are not conscious of your looks when you should be enjoying. Research the hottest trends and wear the right swimsuit to get hearts racing.

3. Comfy slippers

SlippersBeach trips are meant to be relaxing and refreshing, so you would not want to suffer a shoe-bite. Wear a pair of comfortable slippers that will take you distances in finding the perfect spot. Also, the sand will just slide through it! Make sure that they are sturdy and stylish too.

4. Stylish sunglasses

SunglassesSunglasses are a must-have when on the beach. Protection is equally important while having fun. Your eyes will be saved from the harsh direct sun and you will be able to fully enjoy the day. Go for the retro look with big colored frames or wear the latest in-thing.

5. A flattering hat

HatChoose a floppy hat, or any other for that matter, to cover your head and face. The last thing you need on a relaxing day on the beach is a headache because of the sun beating down on you. You are to enjoy the sun, not to be its victim! You can team up the hat with your sunglasses and maybe go for a pleasant contrast with your swimsuit. Many amazingly trendy and affordable hats are available online or any store near you.

6. Cover-up

KaftanAlthough, beach day is all about flaunting, a cover-up might not be a bad idea. You could carry a sarong with you and use it as a cover-up, a towel or even a hammock! You could also go for a kaftan cover-up. Even a shy little lady can fun in some feminine beach cover-ups. Check out shopruche website for the same.

7. Effective sunscreen lotion

Not applying sunscreen when going to the beach will prove to be criminal for your skin! Get a tan, not a sunburn. Choose a sunscreen that suits your skin and apply it generously. The SPF will depend upon the harshness of the sun in your area and also the amount of exposure to the sun you are planning for. Sunscreen is important not only for the outer texture and color of the skin but also important in preventing skin diseases. Avoid the midday sun by snoozing under a shaded area.

8. Portable chair

Beach ChairCarry a lightweight chair along with you which you can drag along anywhere without much hassle. You can stretch it out on your favorite spot and relax. You can buy trendy chairs at the Land’s End or Costco.

9. Camera

If you are having fun, why not capture it forever? Take a camera or a video cam with you to record all the fun experiences of your beach trip and maybe replay it on a rainy day!

10. Good read

If you are not really into surfing and not in the mood for any beach sport, then just pass your time with a good paperback companion. Choose a light, saucy chick lit to accompany you to the beach.

There are many other things you can bring along with you. A big water bottle is essential to keep you and your family hydrated and the threat of sunstroke at bay. Also carry with you a first aid kit with the necessary medicines for minor injuries. Among other creams, also apply a lip protector. You should also use a hair protector spray especially if your hair is highlighted or colored.

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