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10 Bacolod Beaches to enjoy the pure waters

October 19, 2011

Bacolod beaches

Bacolod is situated in Philippines. The city is well known for having preserved its natural beauty, which is really appreciable. The beach city is close to the Negros Island, which abounds wonderful sparkling white sand beaches. It is also designated as the city of smiles. So the window of happiness is open to you, just go and grab it.

Here you are being provided with information regarding some of the well-known funky beaches, for your sure shot relaxation and intimacy with the nature.

1. Tambobo beach

Tambobo beach

It is recommended to turn your attention first to this beach. It is extremely attractive and quite close to Siation. The sand of this beach is remarkable because of its purity and clarity. It encompasses a tranquil atmosphere, allowing you to spend time for hours at a stretch. Here you can enjoy sun bathing, and other water sports like sea surfing and sailing with your family. You can also try out some good restaurants and bars providing great services.

2. La Vista del mar

La Vista del mar

This beach end is really astonishing. While the pure sand, crystal clear water and the dispersed clouds are bound to take you by surprise, the ravishing beauty of nature will definitely mesmerize you with its unfolding magic. The best time to visit the beach is early in the morning so that you can inhale the fresh air. Some people may like to take a stroll on the lovely beach during the evenings.

3. Antulang beaches

Antulang beaches

The place is bound to entice you with its spectacular beauty as the shores are enchantingly connected with the refined water. You can also get a view of the colossal rocks that were subjected to gradation and erosion initially, and now they reveal the look of a small mosaic. You can spend some of the most beautiful moments of your life while watching the sunrise and sunset here. Swimming in the clear waters and scuba diving while capturing the pictures of under water topography, is an amazing experience here.

4. Sipalay beach

Sipalay beach

One of the great tourist destination is in Sipalay. It has several rocking beaches. This is the dream place for photographers, where, you should be accompanied by the lens of good resolution camera to capture the intriguing marine life forms. The lush corals are sure to be a great asset in the decor of your home walls. Here, you can book a variety of resorts at quite affordable prices. So get there for a special treat with your loved ones.

5. Punta ballo beach

Punta ballo beach

The beach goes worthy by its name and is one of the greatest tourist hotspots .It comprises of the white sand that shines brighter as the sun goes up in the sky. Its captivating beauty is really a mystery to the scuba divers and swimmers. You can also enjoy the company of various marine plants and life forms. You can indulge in some water sports activities with your kids.

6. Isla puti

Isla puti

The name suggests white island as the place boasts of its white sand all around. This place is enriched with a variety of life forms and coral reefs. Here you can also witness a variety of blue green algae along with motley colored planktons. It is again an admirable destination for the swimmers and the divers. Get there to enjoy the exhilarating beauty this summer with your friends and family.

7. Llacaon Island

Llacaon Island

The meaning of this island is to walk. This place is no doubt an attractive tourist spot. The nature has unfolded its mesmerizing beauty in the form of white sand, serene water, and the most amazing aspect – its shape, that is almost in the form of a banana. It is easily accessible by boats. The place is abundant with various ranges of cottages, which provide you with luxurious accommodation for families and lovely seafood.

8. Sipaway Island

Sipaway Island

This is one of the renowned beaches of Bacolod. You can experience the candidness of the local people. The place has earned its fame with the ancient Balete tree, which has been part of several legends and folklore of the region. This island is situated in the city of San Carlos. Here you can enjoy the nature’s beauty while relishing the seafood and fruits like mango, duhat etc.

9. Jomabo island

Jomabo island

It is a popular tourist spot due to its untainted refined water. It is actually situated to the north of the central Bacolod. It is famous for being the center for generating electricity to be used in the near by areas with adequate supply of solar cells. You can definitely spend your leisure hours by indulging in various sports activities like sea surfing, banana boat riding, kayaking, and enjoy the ultimate fun out here.

10. Palm island

Palm island

It is a lovely spot escorting you into the sanctuary of nature’s endowments. This place is considered a healthy getaway for people belonging to all age groups. Apart, from its scenic beauty, you can also enjoy a trip to the local zoo watching naughty monkeys and listening to the chatter of birds. You can catch a glimpse of various reptiles and other creatures. The other tourist spots include the Buddha’s monument, Floating house etc. The food lovers can end up satiated with the aromatic and tasty seafood served here.

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