Top 5 beaches in Albania

Known for its unhurried pace of life, glorious sunshine and idyllic beaches, the Albanian Riviera offers a glimpse of the unspoiled Mediterranean at its best. Devoid of large-scale tourist development, the Albanian Riviera has recently received a boost from the World Bank who has overhauled the major road that links the entire shoreline which is of course only good news for visitors looking to get away from the commercialized experience that other beaches around the Mediterranean now tend to offer. Here are the 5 best beaches in the country.

1. Dhermi Beach

Rabbit Beach, Italy crowned best in the world by tourists

International tourists submitting their reviews and ratings on the TripAdvisor website have named the Rabbit Beach in Sicily, Italy, as the best in the world. Based on millions of ratings and reviews, the remote beach located in the Lampedusa region in Italy was dubbed the world’s best beach in the first annual awards for the category by the website. Located off the south coast of Sicily on the island of Lampedusa, Rabbit Beach can only be accessed by boat. Described by travelers and tourists as an unspoiled nature reserve, the beach is also a prime nature watching spot as loggerhead sea turtles go there to lay their eggs which makes it one of very few such places in the Mediterranean.

NJ halts competition on Top 10 beaches after storm

In the aftermath of Super storm Sandy, towns located on the Jersey shore towns are coming together to restore the area’s beaches in a bid to welcome tourists back this summer. More than three-quarters of regular visitors to the region have stated in a poll that they would love to be back to the beaches along the shore this year as well. However, the Top 10 Beaches contest that sees various towns competing against each other for the top crown will not be organized this year. As the shore recovers from Super storm Sandy.


Lebanese nature reserve is a sanctuary for wetland life and unique beaches

The Tyre Coast Nature Reserve lies on the shore of the historical city of Tyre just 84 kilometers from Beirut. The nature reserve the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands declared these protected sand beaches a globally important wetland area. Offering a vast array of archaeological and environmental treasures, Lebanon’s southern coast also houses the Tyre Nature Protectorate on that is well known for its sandy beaches and Phoenician sites and wells.


Experts warn against taking a dip in discolored sea water post flooding

After the recent flood event, beaches across the Capricorn Coast in Australia have been left strewn with debris. Despite the massive cleanup efforts being launched by municipalities and communities, the beaches are littered with debris, bottles, wrappings and plastic containers that have been thrown into the sea along with the trash. Having inspected beaches on the Capricorn Coast last week, Councilor Tom Wyatt from the Rockhampton Regional Council has warned that swimmers should avoid taking a dip in the discolored water. The water around the coast is still filled with plenty of organic and inorganic waste that keeps washing up onto the shores in the region.


Main attractions in Bibione, Italy

The tiny village of Bibione is a part of the San Michele al Tagliamento municipality. Despite its humble population, the town welcomes around 6 million beachgoers annually. Being home to the second most visited beach in Italy, Bibione is a major tourist destination. Here are the top attractions in the town for visitors of all ages.

1. La Spiaggia di Pluto

3 beast beaches in Prestatyn

When it comes to beach vacations, Denbighshire in North Wales, UK doesn’t really pop up to the front of one’s mind. However, the great winds and flat quiet sands of Prestatyn makes it an ideal spot for water sports lovers and families looking for a local or offbeat sunshine holiday on the beach. Filled with fun, clean and safe, the beaches on Prestatyn come highly recommended by the prestigious Good Beach Guide by the Marine Conservation Society. Here are the three best beaches in Prestatyn.

1. Barkby Beach

Columbia widens beaches to combat coastal erosion

The impact of global climate change is being felt all around the world and for towns that lie on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, the devastation has already begun. Over the past decades, the 49 kilometer long coastline of the Cartagena de Indias region has seen a bulk of its sandy beaches erode. To combat this problem and to provide a boost to local tourism, the Columbian government proposed a new project in December 2009 which intended to help protect the coast, create a cycle route and improve mobility by widening the Primera de Bocagrande and Santander Avenues that lie on the north side of the city.

Columbia widens beaches to combat coastal erosion

Sea foam overruns Australian beaches

Last week, the east coast of Australia experienced extensive flooding, small tornadoes and high winds as Tropical Cyclone Oswald grazed by the island nation. Even as thousands were evacuated from their homes as a precaution, residents that stayed behind were treated to an unexpected sight. Due to the severity of the winds, the water in the sea was churned up so harshly that several beachside towns in Port Macquarie, New South Wales were left drenched with sea foam. The frothy phenomenon swallowed up the beaches of the region and even made its way inland filling streets and covering roads and yards.